Bots are coming again

and there is more 2,3 x more in the quest line

why u are surprising this is happening after every reset i dont think they do sth about bots they are absent for a while cause it takes time to reconnect after reset

The small botters just finished updating their own bot programs, and the most widely used bot program will finish updating at night(CN time zone)
The chat means the programmer is sleeping now and updating at night
Hundreds of thousands of bots will return in a few hours :rofl:

i wonder meanwhile what is ags doing about this xD

What they can do ? It would require everyday patch. Imo daily maintance wont be so bad like in Albion u have daily 1 hour break.

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i am not an expert about how to fight bots but i am sure there is ppl who knows how to do it they can hire them or hire more gm’s for manuel bans. Do you really believe a company that big cant stop bots even they want it xD btw i am ok with daily maintanence not a worst idea

Yes I believe they have problems and these problems will be with us till end of this year. It really doesnt matter if this company is big, medium or small. People who write those programs dont care, they are good and always will find a way. I am sure they are lookin for solution but till now they are losing every fight😎

well i am curious if they cant solve this really until end of year what will be real player count xD

30-40k in peak typical for MMORPG. Now we have around 140k in peak but I think even if they are real players imo around 30-40% of them just using macros which cant be blocked. Thats how modern MMOs looks like get use to it. Hi tech solutions killed a spirit of MMOs :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i get it macros cant blocked but is it allowed ? so many ppl using it for tome items and they are reported repedeatly still they arent getting banned thit is confuses me

Block for what ? If u use macro there is nothing suspicious in logs… Macro just pushes buttons for you, so is hard to prove them anything. He or she will alwys write he was watching movie on 2 nd screen and pressing buttons or he just ignored you. I ignored a lot of ppl who writing to me in game is that wrong ? But its forbiden ofc its 3rd party program. But dunno how to prove that he was not in front of computre…

Only way to solve this issue is to make the players buying gold threw rmt fear buying gold from them,
With lost arks biggest issue being bots it amazes me they go so easy on the rmters, when they are the direct cause of the bots being everywhere, if u can’t get the bots get the players using thier services

lol the botter like. “ohh it’s easy to update the bot again cuz amazon do nothing about backend letss gooo” @Roxx