Bots are coming back :D

These three musketeers reaching t3 already


Why are you flaming the group of players wearing similar skins to feel united with their friends?

They like it that way, why care???

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but the names seems bot like

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My man, I was being Sarcastic, obviously those are bots :slight_smile:

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Let’s wait once more of them is in T3 and order another ban wave from Amazon.

is that with Prime or free delivery option?

Don’t worry, they will take care of this with their 11th? ban wave… bigger and better than ever before.
Lord my sarcasm sound almost like I’m serious here cause this has been repeated to the point of insanity.

This is a multiboxer and no bots. If one player owns these account sure it is against TOS. Anyway they are not as harmfull as the botarmy we had a while ago.