Bots are doing T3 content?


The bots, are getting out of hand. They’re in T3 now? Doing gates?

I’m hoping something gets done about this soon. I have been seeing them in chaos dungeons too on some of my alts in t3, which is also disappointing.

Last thing I want to see is these bots in matchmaking for abyssals.


They aren’t bots.
Just a wave of new players coming to valtan.

Botters are doing whatever they want. They own this game and ags is just providing the server.


yes they have have been doing it since the 1st week of release

BOTS: Captain phillips im the captain now GIF auf GIFER - von Kalkree


What if its AGS that runs, those bots and makes duble profit? X-Files theme in background.


Haha, thanks for the laugh.

I have a bot in my guild who is on 24x7, been reported by everyone in the guild for weeks, and nothing has been doing. The sorc is doing infinite chaos dungeons in t3. We left the bot in the guild so we can watch to see what AGS actually does. So far we are at 1.5 months of AGS doing nothing and almost daily reports by everyone in the guild.

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They might be waiting for bots to progress further before they ban them maybe so it’s more time wasted but by then some damage is already done.

Bot is almost 1370. Not sure how much more they need to wait on. More than likely, just like New World, they aren’t gonna do a damn thing.

I’d say they are just drinking coffee.

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I’m talking about this… It fills the gap when they decides to reduce p2w aspects of the game

Its a shame though, I like the game.

Real question is how much further can a bot get than 1370? It won’t get into Party Finder groups and even if it does join Matchmaking all bots do in instances is sit AFK from what I’ve seen/heard. Only way to progress past 1370 is getting Legendary gear from Hard Oreha or Argos meaning they’d need to SOMEHOW clear that content. I guess going manually would be an option but with the names bots use it’s so easy to spot them and just not help them if you so wish to do that in Matchmaking. Personally I don’t queue Matchmaking for anything in T3 anymore cause it’s just a waste of time when Party Finder takes 30 minutes or less to complete instance.

Also from what I saw their stats and engravings are always atrocious combined with their names.

This is incorrect. They follow people and dps the closest target as long as the other person is in range.

Buy a carry it costs 4k. You now have HM equip for 20mins of being afk at zone in. No one cares if you are a guy with a weird name, they just want that gold.

Again, no one cares when you are paying them money.

Right. I forgot people pay dumb prices for carries right now. My bad.

they have been for 1.5 months

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4k is only 4.00 USD and the prices are dropping. For a botter, 4k is nothing.


i’m trying to not laugh during skype meetings and I was doing so well lmfao