Bots are getting stronger than before

So I’ve been leveling another alt recently and boy I must say bots are everywhere again and this time round it seems like they don’t even have cooldowns on their teleports…
I’m still trying to report most of them but It really feels like a terrible, useless chore at this point.
Additionally, the bot parties camping some spots are back:


I made the mistake of trying to report them. There’s a limit of 100 blocks. After that, you’ll need to unblock people. I waited about a week before I started unblocking people to see if they were actually looking at the reports. No one I had blocked had been removed from the game. I’m assuming if they were removed from the game, I wouldn’t have to unblock them.


banned characters (accounts) remain in your block list furthermore, the names of banned bots are still blocked and will not be released. So it seems that bots are banned but not deleted!

Generally I recommend to simply remove the checkmark for “block” when reporting otherwise you have no overview if you really block players…


Yeah, that’s one way to do it, but then you need to tick the box each time you report goldseller (and they are billions ;p) if you don’t want to see the spam happening all the time.
And yes, ofc we could turn the /z chat off but that will cut out all the ‘where is tooki’ ‘where shangra’ ‘inv for lagoon’ stuff as well which is welcomed sometimes :wink: