Bots are gone, yay! 130k people online. Thank you amazon

Holy hell. I am more than happy you’ve managed to fix that so far, Amazon. Yes. I believe they may return very soon. It’s a never-ending battle. I also know you need some positive feedback on your work. After all, there were thousands of topics about this. I only would like to know what just happened? Did you improve your anti-cheat system? Did you use an impostor inside a cheater company?

I suppose you cannot tell us. They definitely attempt to “fix” their bots in some way. Also. We have only 130k people online. That clearly says you’ve banned or stopped them all.

The center of North Vern is beautiful. There are no running bots anymore. I hope it stays like that. Also. Sasha is no more obstructed by pervs (bot spammers, haha).

Thank you, Amazon. We really need hope like that. A hope to fight the bots. and for you, bot spammers and abusers. I don’t like you at all. And I know you may return. Stop it. Please. Leave this game…

edit: A real amount of players on EU peak times: 130-170k. Current bot inflation: 64%


This happens after every maintenance day. They will be back shortly.


Bot solving problem : maintenance everyday.


I’m curious to see the numbers tomorrow and if there are no bots. Only way to know the real player numbers. Because I think many people including me are not playing right now.


true and real


In fact, restarting servers take less than 30 min. I don’t think everyone will mind if Amazon restart servers everyday (like Eve Online do) if that can stop the majority of the bots. It seems they take several hours to reconnect.


They can just restart the server everyday like 5 mins before daily reset (or however long it takes, as long as server up 5 mins before daily reset so we can camp field boss + chaos gates)


I’m sure that bot makers would not take long to remedy this new development in bot fighting techniques.


I think it’s actually the updating part that stops them and some minor changes that stop them that they need to bypass. Just restarting the servers wouldn’t stop them I think

That’s a lot of words for saying “they’re busy updating their software which doesn’t work anymore because of the update.”

Well, only AGS knows.

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is this whale or bot??

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yay they are gone!!! . . .


Wow, I’ve only seen you and others use the same image a hundred times. Got any other ones you didn’t take from someone else?


They aren’t gone. :frowning:

Maybe the bots are gone, but I have all those freezes now for some reason. The game in general takes a much longer time now transitioning to a new zone, entering a cut scene …

They are updating their bots - could be memory address changes and try to re-find them.

Heard “reverse engineered client”, which seems like too much work, but hey, could be, so they’re reverse engineering obfuscated code?

it explains why there is no crowed servers today

and that means 70% population of all server are bots…