Bots are in every game..but because this is game is isometric you see all of them

They don’t effect your gameplay at all. Never have they ever stopped you from playing ( amazon lowers the server cap on purpose causing queues) They never have stopped your progression. They have never even reached punika. I never see a bot in T3.

Go play FFXIV and complain about the 100 blackmages you see teleporting around to nodes and npc’s. Because its there too. Its everywhere. There is NO stopping it. Square enix has tried for 20 years now…since FFXI onto FFXIV…

grow a brain people lmfao and stop acting like a bot and flooding the forums with bot like posts.

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Bots make up at least a quarter of the population shown on steam. Thats a much higher player to bot ratio by orders of magnitude.

And it being isometric would make you see the LESS your entire post is fundamentally flawed

Also bots have been in t3 for quite some time now. So again flawed. This is verifiably true for the record. There are several screenshots floating around there, you can also queue into chaos dungeons in t3 and get tons. They run the first t3 one.


first off: reported for spam and inappropriate.

second off, the ques to log onto servers are 5000+ now because of bots. Its literally stopping people from being able to play the game for hours. Bots have ruined the economy making it harder for players to make decent money off the auction house.

I dunno what you were hoping to get out of this toxic post other than a ban, but it adds nothing constructive to the community


No they are not…amazon SAID THEMSELVES they are playing with the SERVER CAP. lmfao they did it to mari for a week and now theres no queue. Now they are doing it to other servers…


you see all of the map in one view point. No buildings blocking people, nothing, you see everyone at all times. Isometric is a more grand viewing angle…

And once again I have never seen 1 bot in T3 in mari server once.

Which is still a whole fuck ton less thatvab3d game provides. This isnt rocket science

Apparently it is if you cant picture a 3D space from 3rd person perspective vs sky camera.

And how you would see more of the world in one swipe vs having to walk around to get a view thats not obstructed by objects…

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Yeah you know why? Because BOTS WERE CLOGGING THE FUCKING SERVERS. it was a shit decision in an attempt to make it “harder” for bots to get in. But in all their “wisdom” they forgot that bots DONT FUCKING LOG OUT.


That doesn’t even make sense dude…

“Amazon created a server cap because bots were clogging it”

Jesus fucking christ lmfao theres no logic in these forums at all hahaha

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Turn your camera? What if theres a house in front of you and bots are behind it? How do you see that? But if it was isometic you would see yourself in front of the house AND the bots behind the house… use your brain not hateful words bruh.

Tell that to the players that sit in a queue because of bots. And before you day again “it’s AGS playing with the server cap”. Why do you think they would do that, if not for bots. There is a big bot problem that influences these queues, because bots are logged in and fill up the server cap.

This is just factually false. There are bots in T3, they mostly do unlimited chaos and just come out once in a while.

Why is another game having bots an argument for you? It’s not good in either game. But those bots in FFXIV influence gameplay less than here in LA, due to not having a queue, a stable Marketboard, etc.

Was this a message to yourself? Since you made the bot post? Can’t believe you need to remind yourself to grow a brain, but I would appreciate when you use a notepad for this the next time.


If you actually read what i said it does. They lowered the cap to mahe it HARDER FOR BOTS TO LOG IN BUT THEY FORGOT THEY DONT LOG OUT.

Literally the same fucking thing you do when your population is too much for the servers to handle.

Too many bots? Lower the cap so they cant get in as easily.

They also quite literally said thats the reason. Jesus christ im done


If the shoe fits lace that bitch up and wear it. Looks like youre rocking 6 pairs

You continue to act like what I said. A last word Karen raised child still stuck to the tit needing its support while you go on the forums to act like what you do.

Ey mate, let the clown be a clown and this thread die.
discussing with someone like this is not worth it


You cant just go and call everyone karen. Thats not how the name works.

Doesnt surpprise me that you dont know how to use it properly. You lack the context and finess to use it properly in this situation

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The way your post history reflects as one.

Yet again no logic to see why I use the words I use…

Yeah, youre right. I should get to bed anyways tbh lmao. I hope you have a great day/ night fam


Like seriously look at @dracoledoux post history, he has paragraphs and paragraphs of him just starting arguments and being called out for it lmao!

I knew I had sensed a troll thread.

Ah it was just yesterday when I had wanted to run a chaos gate… waiting in the geyser basin in punika… all of a sudden… boom! boom! boomboom!!!

all ontop of eachother, 1 min before portal… 4+ afludefgh type names showed up to help out our community with clearing the chaos gate.

How noble.