BOTS are not normal now

Normally, at this time (monday 12:37AM CEST) the game has about 150-200k active players, so it seem that about 500k of this data are bots… Probably amazon and SG are working for a solution but the reality is if AGS dont start permabanning players for RMT, the players will keep paying and bots will increment the amount of them… start doing something guys, this is an incredible game and you are ruining the experience because you dont do nothing against this BIG problem.


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They prob got internal bets running if they can hit 1mil pre August and are crying of laughter reading the white knight posts on the forums xDD

Same as with NW xD

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Because real players are coming back to Lost Ark. Legion raid really did saved the game and the community we have are the friendliest among all other MMO :slightly_smiling_face:

What forums have you been reading? It’s nothing but neck shots out here.

This is fine.

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Bloggers be like.
With the newest Legion Raid Kokou-Saton Lost Ark hits again 1 million active players!
AGS proved their capabilities to break through the very difficult MMO-Gerne and to successfully manage their game satisfying the playerbase!
Also have you seen the newest NW updates? Link HERE!!!


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