Bots are not teleporting around anymore

Not sure if you guys noticed, but bots are not teleporting anymore.

I will take this as a genuine W that AGS/Smilegate is actually implementing new measures to combat them and their words via the CM’s are not just meaningless PR.

Next step: perma ban people who buy via RMT :sunglasses:

Good job guys :+1:


Can someone confirm if this is true or not?

I am someone!

Go to Luterra Castle where Thrian is and just watch them for a while, they are running around like us plebs.

Did Epic recently update EAC? If so, then it’s probably just waiting for someone to break it again.

I hope they really try something, because for now most of them only do the run from chaos dungeons → Merchant and vice versa. And this change will not really change those kind of bots.

It’s maybe a beggining of something but i must say i’m not too confident for now.

maybe it’s the bots that updated their pathfinding algo to appear less suspicious instead of ags doing anything


I don’t think they really care about appearing suspicious, if you are a berzerker/mage named Afjkgvnahljawasoduuhas I think it is already pretty obvious you are a bot.

The two major ways to “win” the battle against bots imo is:

  • Perma ban people who RMT, that way less people will do it and botters will just move to a more lucrative game

  • Update your anti-cheat regularly. There is no magical solution that will prevent bots once and for all, but if you update your anti-cheat regularly enough to the point the botters need to spend more time bypassing it then actually botting they will just move on to something more lucrative.

Perma banning RMT imo is the best way since not only naturally forces botters to leave but also is great PR for the community who plays the game fairly, would be a huge confidence boost in AGS/Smilegate by the community

Depending on how using EAC works, it’s also probably the only possible one of those two options. I’m not sure how strict Epic is on modifications to EAC.

suspicious in regular player’s eyes, yes. but they don’t care about that. they care about not looking suspicious in system logs with abnormal movement and such.

They dont need to, its pixelbot and im pretty sure eac useless against it.

In engine unreal 3 you have a check box for server side collision check. they turn it on… like 3 seconds, not really much of an effort.

for sure Amazon is winning the fight against real players!

If they are manually turning it off or if it is something they just can’t use anymore it does not matter, either way means that something changed and now it takes them much longer to level up characters which directly lowers their profit/hour.

This is an objective loss for botters, there is not much to debate about it. Yes @DefaultPickle there is a massive number of bots (probably more than players?) but that has literally nothing to do with what is being discussed my dude.

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