Bots are now DDOSing the servers. We need phone number account verification!

NA west server Enviska that never had a queue before has 776 people in queue, all bots most likely. This is silly. This doesn’t happen in Korea because of Phone number verification. Its time to bypass steam and require 2FA and phone number verification at least once per account.


It doesn’t happen in Korea because your account is tied to the equivalent of what is considered a SSN in America. Get it right.


I havent played in Korea but I heard it was phone number verified. Either way its 2fa and needs to be done.

ah right, in WoW you have authenticator with phone number and tied to your account and there are still bots.
There just aren’t as many because it isn’t as lucrative as here.


It would help. When an account is banned, getting a new phone number to get another banned would be a hassle. The other option is a credit card charge for $1.

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You mean like a Trusted Steam Account?


Not sure what that is but if it solves the problem I am good.

It’s the functional equivalent of a credit card charge, and it didn’t solve the problem. Much like requiring a phone number won’t, for that matter.

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limit the amount of gold that can be used in the auction house by the untrusted account to 200 gold in the first week, 400 gold second week and so on.

nah, bots will always find a way.
The real way to do it is doing lots of ban waves for gold buyers, that will deter people from buying gold and will limit bots much more than banning 2304982048234 bots.

trusted steam already uses 5$ or something, so as you see didn’t help.
Funny enough was that even the next day we had tons of bots even though you technically need to wait 30 days to get trusted.
The bot programmers always find ways


Only t1 and t2 would counsider 400 gold small.

The number of bots in-game fell off dramatically for a short while. The ones you did see just so happened to already be trusted. Worth noting that it’s been slightly over a month since they made that change, so what you’re seeing is probably due, in part, to that time period expiring.

Trusted works great, but it has to be followed up with aggressive banning or it’s just a toothless stopgap.

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I dont buy the fact that it cant be solved. As for banning gold buers that gets hard to trace who bought and who made legit transactions. The botters get good at hiding it. I would rather have some sort of verification. Phone? $1 on a card? Something. Make it harder for bots.

requring 2fa = requiring a full refund since launch

If you cant manage 2FA you are probably part of the problen.

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yes the bot wave went up after the trusted period.
But for whatever reason it spiked now again in the last 3 days.
Today is the first time I experience a crazy queue and I doubt that we suddenly got so many new players

you also have to consider with every step you take against bots, you might lock many other users out of the game.

for example:
blizzard took measures against advertising in LFG chats and they required authenticators for that as well. Apparently many people don’t have or didn’t want to give their phone number and thus locking them out of the game permanently.

Meaning you have to be careful what steps you are taking

e.g. they already region locked the game even though it wasn’t at lunch. They locked many real players out but they didn’t lock any bots out at all with that method

there are certain reasons why you cannot use 2FA so don’t live in the narrow world that everyone can easily access to it whereever they live.
Of course you can argue that where the game is actually published it should be easy to have a smartphone etc. to use it. Reality shows that still many will get locked out by this.

2FA has only ever locked me out of my own accounts, when I changed numbers

I also no longer even pay for phone service, I just use a free virtual number that most 2FA rejects

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I don’t even have a cell phone, never use it since I am always at home anyway. So no to phone verification, I don’t have a credit card just a visa debit(not the same thing) so no to that. Maybe SSN, but that would be the limit on what I would tolerate.

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are you saying t3 consider 400 gold big? i am sorry i cant understand your statement

Your forgetting other countries (Australia and such) …