Bots are now farming Chaos Dungeons and Auto Fishing

EDIT 2: Bots now auto do una dailies as well as fishing.

EDIT: Video proof of T3 chaos auto farming bot

Well you heard it here folks, the bots early game gold income was nerfed by AGS so the new strategy is farming chaos dungeons for mats to either funnel to a main acc/sell for gold.

AGS can’t nerf chaos dungeon drops since that would harm the legitimate player and they cannot make the drops untradeable as that is a major market for legit players as well and would be a hinderance to upgrading alts.

As a side note, it’s probably a great time to release honing buffs as well as introduce the missing honing material sources since material prices will tank soon as more of these bots get into T3.


Oh dear…

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Some of us told that 1-2 weeks ago already, but the shills wanted to deny it all :joy:

They can easily clean out the T3 store every week, I bet :rofl:


Heh, that’s not a good look, is it?

On the honing rates it’s also a question of demand. I mean there is a lot of demand for illicit gold due to the honing system. That wasn’t an issue in the design of the game because in KR you need SSN equivalent to play, so no bots, so it wasn’t anti-bot in its design. Instead, the design is one that places an incredibly heavy emphasis on in-game currency – like a greater emphasis on in-game currency than any PvE MMO I have ever seen. In that context there is going to be a lot of demand, and as long as there is demand, we will get pics like this one. All the ban waves in the world can’t stop it really.

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Better than them taking up every farming skill node. They’re probably farming for tier 3 now, that the easy rapport money has been patched. Which Russia already had patched for the longest time.

I feel like it is actually not a bad thing since they are increasing the supply of mats and making them cheaper. This makes upgrading more accessible for players in general since Amazon isn’t releasing the honing buffs any time soon. Though I can see it hurting the gold income of some players, but it’s going to happen regardless of the bots. Tier 3 mats are so overpriced currently, it would be nice to see drastic changes


There already are drastic changes in t3 mats, they cost less and less every week as someone said previously some already made it to t3 and farming. It’s a matter of time before t3 honing mats cost so little that all of us can actually afford to do argos (which is actually not a bad thing when you consider)

I wouldn’t say 350 to 300 gold for a honor leapstone is drastic change. Let it hit the floor at like 50 gold so I don’t need to sit at 1350 anymore

Obviously its not an overnight thing but rather in 2 weeks time things will be super affordable.

They are currently implementing a fishing bot in the gold farming bot, I’ll post pics of that too once it’s released for exposure :slight_smile:

Thats why im suggesting amazon to increase rates and release more resource material sources.

How embarrassing would it be for people to support bots for cheaper honing and then to get mad at ags for removing them lol…

Would be a much better look for AGS to support the players needs vs allowing bots to profit off of their shortcomings.

Free/increased t1/t2 rates will simply get bots T3 faster.

bots will be there regardless why punish players progression to thwart them? Bots need to be dealt with by automatic detection and automatic banning not by restricting players ability to progress

No need to worry there is a fix coming in soon. So many bots created and such a bad naming system, surely in a matter of days every single character combination will be used up and no more names will be able to be created…


LOL! problem is legit players wont be able to make accounts either :joy:

The worse part is some bots seems to match up with normal players and just end up leeching.

At least banning them means they take longer to come back to the same point.


This explains why T1 mats are so cheap now…


I had a bad feeling something like this would happen. Was hoping I was being paranoid.

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