Bots Are Now Spamming Mail & I Can't Report Them

Bots can apparently spam you via the mail system now. I can’t find any way to report fraudulent mail, either…


I am having the same problem , there is no way to report them!

Please make an option to receive mail only from market/friends/guildmate so I dont have to deal with this constant harassment from RMT. You cant expect your players to constantly file support tickets or something about this mess.


Got my first spam mail as well.

I also agree with RLux make it so you can only receive mail from market/friends/guild/system


They are taking over all the systems of the game !!!

I agree as well.

BTW, I found out that you can block players manually. It’s under the Friends option in the menu. That is the very last place I would think of when thinking about Spammers, but there you have it.

I did finally block Aqhhq after it sent me quite a few mails with the same damned spam. I think that should block mails, too? At least I hope it does.

I am pretty sure Aqhhqq is on the way now :wink: Blocking them isnt the solution after what? an hour or so a new one will be coming to spam you / they should add ‘‘filters’’ that you can adjust from whome you may receive mails like (friends / guildmates / market / roster friends etc etc) . Also the biggest problem is IF they start to send you even small amounts of gold and by mistake you accept it you are bound to get banned , for something unintentional.

I’ll give you AGS response

We are aware the issue with bots and the team is working hard on it. We just did a ban wave that didn’t change anything. You can do our job for us by reporting them and maybe the system will ban them if account gets enough reports. But you’ve been heard and we’re working really hard! We will have more to share SOON.

same. Please let me report these spammers if they send me mail. TY.

On Us East Coast Server i got this mail three times.
Gold Spam Mail Us East Coast Server

Hope this help a bit

Received 2 of these in the past two days

still having this problem and my guildmates are getting these spam game mail too!

Still dealing with this fucking problem…

How hard is it to implement a setting to only receive mail from market/friends/guild/system