Bots are Rapporting in Punica in early hours 4-5:00 AM

Here are some screenshots of 20-30 bots rapporting and doing quests in the early hours :slight_smile:
I know it’s nothing new but maybe some CM or GM will ban them :slight_smile:


Seeing all these bots always makes me wonder. Does reporting them actually do anything lol

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I think no, or maybe 1 day ban :smiley:

yes, its 800 gold by just doing rapport for like couple of days / weeks and times 800 gold by 1000 accounts that they usually run its 800k gold

It does do something, but the bans don’t happen in real time.

It does something, wastes your time you spent on reporting :slight_smile:

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you figured they at least try something came across the item high level multiboxer and they were never banned

This is the biggest source of gold for bots. It is very convenient to abuse with mass numbers. You literally can get thousands of gold by using few emotes/songs.

Not removing these with the release of free powerpass and 1370 global buffs is the indicator of competence of both parties.

Remove rapports/weekly unas/masterpieces suddenly bots make no gold.

They also sell legendary engravings and there are people doing busses for bots.

Not punishing real players in everyway is incompetence, okay :ok_hand:

it does
but it also takes 2 days to make a t3 character

y real players would now enjoy the game with this economy instead

im sure 5k gold from rapports will get them far

if you make 200 bots a day
5k gold a day from 200 characters
1 million gold a day 250$~ a day
hmmm yep won’t get them far

AGS never find solution for that bot even on twisting bot they are always be there since the beggning at game release @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

if ags ban those bot all countcurrent player will down to 70-80k i guess they are rather have 200k count current player even tho majority are bot… worst dev ever for handleing the bot problem @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Definitely the reason
i think they should stop banning them at all so we can start going back into the millions
bigger numbers bring all the ladies to the yard right?

if you guys saying any other game are have bot to, yeah they have bot but really good for handling the bot and anticipated that bot will never comeback with same pattren… u guys are the worst interm of handling the bot for sure @Roxx @Shadow_Fox and also if you are seller that rmt on AGS game you will never got ban… at least u can ban the seller if you won’t ban any buyer. @Maselbart

True @Roxx and @Shadow_fox are the worst at handling the bot problems. I’ve actually not seen either of them ban a single bot in the past 7 months?! Why isn’t ags firing them i don’t know right?

rmt on AGS game you will never got ban

mind testing that hypothesis for me? i’m interested in this idea of yours
don’t forget to post your findings afterwards :slight_smile: thanks a bunch

You cant blame bots on every issue the game has, making a fluctuating economy in the first place is the death of several games