Bots are ruining the economy & something must be done

A healthy economy is critical to any MMO. The large number of bots that are generating and selling gold via RMT is driving down the value of gold, which is terrible for the game in a long run.

This effectively will make the game impossible to play for F2P players. Let’s say for example, a simple HP Potion should cost 2 gold, or $0.01 in monetary value. Due to bots causing a surplus of gold, this HP Potion is going to cost 50 gold, but still $0.01 in monetary value.

If this continues, there will come a point where people gaining Gold directly from things like event rewards + in-game quests + dungeons is going to mean nothing because it will be so meager. If by doing all of the above, a normal player gains 1000 gold per day, but that is only worth $0.20 in value, then the player won’t be able to buy anything with it. On the other hand, 100 gold in a non-bot economy like Korean servers, that 100 gold might be worth $2.00, and they will be able to buy more items on the market with it.

AGS needs to fix this problem ASAP. Not just the chat spammers, because spamming doesn’t mean anything if there aren’t bots farming millions of gold per day.