Bots are running back and forth from the NPC Yajahan to a corner of the map over and over?

Been doing a daily in Ozhorn Hill and noticed bots are running repeated routes from the NPC Tajahan all the way to the bottom corner of the map and back again. If you stand there you can see bot after bot, using speedhacks running this route.

What is it they’re doing exactly?

The latest theory is they are completing the UNA Reputation tasks for the quickest to earn masterpieces, and trading these in for gold.

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They can only do this once per day though right? I see them running this route over and over. Maybe I am imagining things, their names are quite similar. I’ve reported so many of them.

Its not for masterpieces lmao

Its for the weekly chest, thats simply it
its not even “weekly” since you just get a new account every hour anyways.