Bots are still an overwhelming majority of your players

I recently reached Item Level 302. Steam gave me the achievement Gear of My Dreams.
Then I noticed something extremely alarming. It said only 14.5% of the entire player based had this achievement. I understand that there are extremely casual players out there. But 85% suggests an overwhelming majority of accounts are bots that don’t go anywhere in the leveling process. I would expect at least 50% of players to have this achievement by now. I don’t even play often.


The data % is off, just move on.

As long achievements are working and not turned off I’m gucchi

Did you know NMRiH still is one of many games that have tons of achievements that are extremely rare despite how many people have tried it?

The steam achievements are bugged

Not bugged. % off, it calculates total players and % of that population who have triggered the achievement requirement(s)

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What do you mean? Isn’t that how normally it’s calculated? Number of players who get an achievement by total number of players * 100

Achievement is not bugged, the statistic is off

Stop putting curses on achievements

Oh yes, good old reliable steam achievements.


FYI those strings are pulled from in game achievements aka. whatever description associated with achievements, it’ll be there on steam unless manually changes before put on steam.

How you get from 85% not in t3 to means fuck loads of bots is amazing lol.

That’s not even T3, I’m a fresh 50 that just started Chaos Dungeons yesterday. 302 is T1. You can’t even do T2 until 340.

ilvl 302 is not t3. t3 is 1302
302 is your first set of chaos gear outside of tutorial to lvl 50

Ye i misread lol. Small phone XD

My point was at least half the player base should be at least at 50 by now and doing T1.

sadly the already created bot accounts are already logged in the statistics so even if they banned all those account that won’t change the % shown on steam so you really can’t take that % as a indicator of current bot:player ratio. They are inaccurate at best.

Ah the same thing?? It’s not working like it’s supposed to and i think we can call it bugged… Unless you are the developer steam achievements and having a hard time fixing this “statistic” problem? Xd

Mules, name reservations and “nah, not my thing” chars.

Then why do I have 4 100% complete continents when I don’t even complete one in game. Something is wrong lol

Oof if you think T2 is ilvl340 you’re in for a treat

I’m basing that off the actual Chaos Dungeon requirements.

If you look in the image you posted, there is an icon saying TIER 1 on the left lol.

Sorry to bring this bad news to you my friend, tier 2 starts at 600 ilvl :slight_smile: its the next page of chaos dungeons after this one