Bots arrived in lost ark, making chars at night where servers are open, taking place

Bots arrived since midnight at server Thirain, making new chars as much they can, stay on the server and instant lockin when there is a maintance and spamming their shit and taking a spot for a real player who sits in queue for 5 hours ad evening and with bad rng gets kicked out without their fault and be back on the last place in queue. How is this acceptable?! When i call someone a Bi*** ingame, they can report me and i get banned for 1 week, but this botshit is such a serious thing and nothing happens (Sry for bad english its not my mother language)


I hate this shit so much. Amazon/Smilegate should act on this right away before it gets out of hand.


Just like report them in game, :slight_smile:

if amazon handels the bot problems like in new world there happens nothing… there are bots levelt to max by just hitting trees since months. Also it takes weeks or even months to ban them, cause bots get banned not by single it get banned by waves and till then every bot online takes away a free place for a real player who wants to play the game. All they have to do is hire one person give them a banbutton then go throw every maincity checking the chat and just ban them. Its that easy. And they dont even lose money cause the bots dont even bought the game and they can make accounts every minute new

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I actually made a forum post about the same thing.
After like 5 minutes of reporting the bot account I messaged to see if anything was done and I got a message saying the player with that name does not exist and there were no more bot spam messages.

They are monitoring that, just report it and hopefully it will be fixed quickly.

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Gold seller bots are here this early? It’s only been one week. I guess this shows how successful the game is. These gold bots don’t play, they mean business and they know which games are doing well.

I have area chat off on my main, but i noticed them 3 days ago when i created an alt on wei

Reporting that many bots in chat is full time work! Not to forget how fast each new bot adds one line and move up in chat, so it is very hard to use control+right click to report them.

Be happy that you don’t yet see bots that actually “play” those does exist in other MMOs, running around in scripted and killing everything in their way.

Nevermind :confused:


Happening on Nineveh as well

They dont seem to care so far… yeah they may ban reported accounts but players have to report the accounts for that to happen. Bots just make new accounts and keep spaming… Now imagine you cant get in the game and u have to wait in queue but since bots can log in anytime they are ingame just siting there spamming.

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Already saw bot doing gold farms on Atlast island on Galatur server and some people were trying to stop the bots by spwan camping them.

They’re here :neutral_face:

They really have to do something about this fast or it’s going to choke the game badly.

Asmongold finds BOTS playing Lost Ark

I’ve seen these horse knight bots too, at the 1st town last night. I reported them, they better get perm banned. People left Ragnarok due to bots, every game leaves to bots, even Classic WoW is dead from bots. Classic WoW BC, also dead from bots. Fix this now. IP Ban them & let no bots leave the 1st town.