Bots at an all time high. RMT out of Control

AGS/SmileGate is in over their head with the issue.

These small Fixes are just temp band aids. Drastic measures are needed…

When will they take this seriously?

Standing in Rania Village

Multiple Timed tests of new Berzerker bots coming through the door.

Channel 1
30 New Bots come into door per Min
1,800 New Bots Per Hour
That is 43,000 New Bots per Day

Channel 2
3 New Bots come into door per Min
180 new Bots Per Hour
That is 4,320 New Bots per Day.

On a “Good” Population Server… we have 47,320 New Bots that come through this door per day…

Just take that by 15 NA-E servers, per day… then per week… then if each bot makes just 500 gold to sell… the numbers are…yikes…


Why dont you think they take it seriously? How would you fix it? Better yet, if you know how, dont tell us because that idea alone would make you rich.


IMHO one simple soloution. AGS hire some GMs who can perma ban acc. Nowdays even blind will recognize who is bot. I know it’s not the perfect solution but at least they would show us they are trying to solve this problem.


Ive noticed lot more bots in EU as well, hopefully they are working on something

The real solution is very simple. The solution will come when there is no one left like the New Earth. Then they will apologize and give material, I have full faith. Real people play with 6 alt accs to get gold while you get a ton of material unfairly.

i would just remove gold from the game, currencies are just time sinks that doesn’t offer any gameplay value unless you are scrooge mcduck and dream of swimming in a pool of gold

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They make an eye watering amount of money per day, its far more lucrative than mining bitcoin or running cold call scams.

This game is done, they wont stop until they money stops.


If you remove gold or currency now how will you address the new problems you just created?

They apparently did a mass banning yesterday evening around 24 hours ago which seemed to have maybe wiped out 100k bots. Unfortunately, it looks like maybe 40k new bots are now in or maybe some of those other bots and they got around the ban and I imagine tomorrow it’ll be back to the figure before this mass “yeet” as Roxx referred to it.

They have to take a zero tolerance approach towards RMT users and perma ban them on the first offence, regardless of the amount they bought. That’s the key. All this other stuff will do nothing if people have no real deterrence towards even “small” RMT use.


Bold of you to assume that AGS isn’t controlling the bots.

nah, you know “RMT is out of control” when bots start RMT from themselves to make even more gold that could be sold to lesser bots. That’s “out of control”.

Kinda what happened in US realities in 2008 and BRIC market in 2003-5

Permanent ban for RMT users and some GMs in the game who can ban those bots would be a good start.
Next would be legal action against the operators of relevant gold seller sites.
They’re just criminals.
Violation of copyright law and making money from it are not trivial offenses.
And yes, I know it’s not easy to do, but it should be done.


Its not out of control yet, I played mmo’s that botting was way worse and every player could easily use it,
When every player can just download a bot after googling “Lost ark bot” that’s when its really out of control…
I really think that the most effective way to combat this is putting GM’s/CM’s to manually ban them, is it worth the man power or the money? probably not.

Sad thing players are using it. You can see players using macros to farm mob drops in zones.

You see the same characters there 3-4 days in a row… reporting them everyday and they still are around.

AGS bans are so light, it makes boting/RMT an after thought.


It’s very easy to fix this problem.

Remove the cash shop.
Make the game buy to play.
Make the content less brain dead so it’s not easily bottable.

You’re welcome.


There is a solution to the kind of botting we are seeing in lost ark right now. Most bots are operated by “companies” that sell gold and other in game materials to players for real money. Why do they do this? First of all because there is a gold sink (for honing mats / blue crystals) that buyers want to overcome cheaply, without buying the expensive gold the game offers in their own shop. Second, because it is possible to trade these things between players. Remove all forms of trading between players and this problem goes away.

It would open up a different problem. Trying to get end game gear with the engravings you’re using and the stat combination you want will be impossible for most players as it is completely RNG.

I know of one game that tackled RMT botting in this way. Blizzard’s Diablo III removed the ability to trade between players (except if you find something while in a party you can trade it to others in that party for up to two hours after the party is disbanded) and removed the auction house. All items that drop are now account bound.

To combat the fact that now all the completely random drops meant that people would struggle to find meaningful gear for their character and opening the door for farming bots, they introduced Loot 2.0, which made it very unlikely to find things not for the class you are currently playing, and you will normally find items with the classes main stats and your classes abilities. Also drop rates of set and legendary items was greatly increased and it became possible to craft/buy/gamble these at various NPC’s, giving you lots of chances to find near perfect items.

This did change the game completely however and there were a lot of people who disliked the new system and stopped playing. There are however no more RMT bots.

A solution like this would change Lost Ark completely too and pretty much every source of gear/materials would need to be reworked (the auction house is just such an integral part of Lost Ark) to make building your perfect character viable again and because of the f2p aspect they may need to rework how they generate revenue. It would be a gamble for Smilegate to go down that road. But it would remove RMT bots.


Just for your knowledge.
Makings same posts again and again wont change a thing.
Issues has been lifted for some time now, and thats it, just sit and wait whenever something positive regardless this issues will happen.
otherwise you just spam forums with pretty much copy paste :smiley:

Ironically most of Smilegate’s decision concerning our client, pushes more people into RMT.

The fact they removed gold gain to “combat bots” created more people willing to use a RMT. Especially since it didn’t disallow bot access to the client.

Countless games have better bot detection and while not eliminated, it’s time to stop making decisions that negatively impact real players. Owning up to the poor decision would be the first step.

But since we even have CMs in here defending poor decisions, like the powepass in reference to character release, which…also pushes more people into RMT it’s fighting an uphill battle as their bosses opinion is their opinion.

If you don’t respect the game, why wouldn’t you be more willing to break it’s rules? They don’t respect you after all.

Another example, if a player has to wait multiple hours just to log in, and deal with constant que crash due to bots and the client, eventually they’ll stop caring and seek a way to make up that time lost…either they quit or… the best way to skip the gold grind? Yup again RMT.

I guarantee that’s the logic a lot more people will start to use as those situations are exasperated.

This already happened. The cheat site I’m apart of has had a program up for awhile now. It’s not hard to find.

Wow, you might one onto something! Nobody seemed to have noticed it before you! You are so incredible.