Bots at an all time low!

Like the rest of you I’ve been so utterly frustrated with this game for a long time now, so it’s great to see the number of bots coming down and staying down.

Now to be clear this new system needs to continue to be effective but as you can see from the Steam numbers we are at an all time low on account numbers.

My hopes is that within a month 95%+ of the bots and the gold they created will be gone, so then inflation will come down. Unfortunately it may be a year before the gains that RMTers gained will become irrelevant, though I’m sure that will happen too.

So yeah, it’s not perfect and but it’s good to see progress.


This looks very good.

Nonetheless I see new posts being made about gem boxes and fish being so expensive now…community is never happy sadly

Yeah, you are right and but fortunately crafting, honing and AH costs will slowly drain away all that botted gold. Might take some time but eventually we should start to see the price of everything come down :smiley: