Bots ban wave?!

As per title,

I remember a few months back when bots were roaming rampant in obscene numbers and AGS stepped in every other week or so to ban these forsaken into oblivion

Why aren’t we getting regular ban waves anymore?? Servers are running BUSY on status and bots are literally EVERYWHERE.

Have they given up the fight against bots or what??


they will keep telling us “the next major update we got new bot prevention implanted” next major update hit bots are doubled now
i’m going to be honest i have been sniping books for 5g already got 15 books in total for 5g some of them are ambush,keen,raid,adr and expert so i would like the bots to stay until i’m done with all of them LOL

If they do a ban wave, whales will freak out that there are only 20-30k ppl left and will stop spending. Also, will take them out of the top 10 most played on steam charts.

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The ban waves are still happening, nearly every day. Unfortunately the bot issue has reached a scale where these large numbers of bans don’t have as much of a visible impact as they did previously. We will have some bot mitigations coming to the game in the December Update that we hope will cut down on the botting issue, so more on that next week.


How about:

  1. steam platform to launch the Lost ark game
  2. log-in with a confirmed Amazon account (existing accounts have to merge their account with a confirmed Amazon account)
  3. future, once x months send out e-mail to confirm to relog through e-mail to confirm existence of the player’s account
    (this way bot players have to do a lot if they use fake accounts through amazon as well)

idk… thinking for new idea’s, bot players are sad players


By the name of the lord, please adapt the crystal-pricing for EU and NA…
Take a look to the russian version, please… They have 0 bots and even the ecosystem is more healthy there…

and they are mailing rn


Ban RMT and u won’t have no more bots

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And you can’t even report them. Not that it would help, but being so totally helpless is extremely annoying.

95% of robots exist for una, you don’t change from here, but you keep relieving robots? You’ve always been lightweight. Have you really given SG feedback? What was their response?

woah, you are being disrespectful to the CM.

Sucking up won’t make the game better

You will achieve nothing but being banned for a long time here.

So what? What do you get by sucking up? Will it give you 1575?

We’re getting anti-bot measures next week with the content update.

I know what Roxx says, and I know what you’re saying. I mean, it’s a fundamental solution to this problem, instead of having to deal with robots every week, and it’s us, the actual players, who are going to suffer.
I’ve been playing on Russian servers for over a year and I know that even after a year, the only way for robots to mass-produce gold is through UNA. The main cause of all the problems lies in una, of course, we can’t cancel una, but at least it is a good choice to improve the acquisition standard of una. Now the opportunity is like a free 1415, but una’s standard still stays at 1302, the more I think about it, the more unreasonable it is. Therefore, I have reason to question ags, whether they have really fed back to SG team.

At this point I would suggest they implement in game gold sales from players and character sales as well. SOE did that after many years of letting it go. They got smart and took part of the sales in comsion. Most of the problems went away. But bots were still farming mats.

@Roxx tell the dev team to banned their system where they have to purchased new PC to play LA again instead they keep making new Steam accounts

ban waves alone are usefull like what 3 days ? then bot come back again

they need a real solution first to block the bots like i don’t know punish for real rmt player
do you think there is a lot of bot in russia ? no cause players are feared to get perma ban or negativ gold, russians doesn’t joke with that

but west well it is what it is

Unfortunately, I don’t respect any of your words. I’m asking if you’ve visited all the maps. There are bots on the maps every day. Have you looked at the topics people have opened? For example, bots that make a chaos gate, bots that enter the boss room, or bots that enter the cube room. Situations like these are now disturbing people. We are asking you? You say wait for the update. How many updates have come and how many explanations have you made? I am able to answer 0. Even in the topic I opened, I showed that the guys were doing RTM with their pictures. The result is just silence or texts in copy and paste. Really, the importance of the European server is 0.