Bots Bots Bots and more Bots

The amount of bots in the starting contiennt is unbeliavable … they are like trains in groups running around like headless chickens here and there mostly stuck to some obstacles … I just screenshotted what I can as they are x5 more aorund … hard to kill mobs for the quests unless you change the channel and find more there too …and this is constant not for just a time …I am not sure how you will handle these AGS ??? I mean I know you are banning them but hey are coming more then you ban from the look o f it…

EDIT : I am updating the post …I reached tortyk ,at there and during reaching there if I saw like 100 ppl I am not execurating 90 of them were bots …constantly I am playing with bots and I seldom see any real player …


Yeah, they are using speed hacks in lower level areas. Totally frustrating to see this going on as a legit player.


…just bonkers.


hmm this is weird, im actually seeing way way less of them in the last few days since patch. The gold selling spam msg’s are still obnoxious though.


This morning in Lutera, i saw a different bot with a speedhack every 10 seconds (close to npcs or dungeons) …

Edit : They use wallhack too… its so disgusting to see that


They are everywhere in low lvl area but the more you progress, the less you gonna see. I am not sure if they get banned after some time or if they stop at some point. But is is definitely not very appealing for new players to see these bot trains.

Yeah. And I am seeing ALL of them clipping through the map. You see them run RIGHT into a mountain and pop out of the other end.

It looks like whatever they are using, utilizes the same “teleporting” method your pet does when it falls too far behind you. It does that “poof” thing.

Every bot does that when they disappear into a mountain or wall and pop out of the other end.

Just finished up main quest in Vern. And started to do the other zones there from Adventure guild board. And there’s tons of bots doing only the side quests that reward gold.

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This is insane, it makes you want to stop playing. AGS, we want CONTUNDENT measures


More bots here…


It has been one week now since I first noticed these bots in Lakebar. There are like 10 of them on each channel 24/7. Isn’t there a faster way to do something about them? Like I said… one week and they keep goin.


talking about bot…


The worst thing is that many of them reached T3 by now at EUC and they are destroying the market prices. Greater Leapstones are down to 270G and are going down more and more. We had them stable at 400+ a few days ago.

If you random MM into a T3 chaos you will get 90% of the time one or two bots in your group. If they dont fix this in the next month its looking grim. I had alot of hope after them banning over 1million bots but since then it just got worse and even bots I reported 2 weeks ago are still farming. Whats is this!?

al these in my ss is 314.16 I

They are ruining the economy and general player experience. I strongly believe LOA will die very very soon if bot issue continues. Leaving the game until they solve this problem started to look very tempting to me.


“Easy Anti Cheat” my ass.

DO SOMETHING, this is ridiculous.


FYI: I have found two bot troops.

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I saw some yesterday gathering resources

easy cheat is the best name for this
AGS is incompetent and stingy as fuck at “ANTI cheat”

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There are a ton of BOTS in Prideholm again…They just keep piling up on top of each other and there are trains of them running to the next quest spot…

So much for the anti-bot solution…
The Steam ‘TRUST’ technique of stopping bots was and is bound to fail… Why?
Because the bots have been in the game for longer than a month and they are using ‘dummy’ steam accounts that are a trusted account either because they have bought a small item through Steam, at least costing them $5 each, or because they have added something to their Steam wallet without actually buying it…
It’s enough if you just added an item to your steam wallet, but haven’t actually bought anything, to be considered 'TRUSTED"…

So we will continue to have this BOT problem until AGS/Smilegate either decide to, or find a way to stop them…

One way that may fix a great deal of the problems is possibly through using 'authentication with your phone…

Not ideal. but it may work…

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