Bots.. Bots Everywhere!

I’m leveling up a new character with a friend and there are literally hundreds of bots everywhere! They’re teleporting from place to place. I’ve seen more bots in this game than actual players at these levels. I try to report them all and block them but can’t even do that. I’d hate to see what percentage of players are bots in this game. Never experienced this before.

the devs cant even detect speed hacking bots not much hope for the bot problem ever

I’ve got an impression after reading their response to community-raised issues they are supposed to introduce some bot checks in the upcoming patch, whenever that may be.

and how do they punish all the damage already done ?

They can be our friends;

Buy your adventure tome collectables and trade skill materials while the prices are low. Thank the bots for that. But yea, I dont like seeing them either. I dunno how much effort AGS are putting into automatic detection but at least have a handful of employees manually banning bots they can see. Its not hard to find them.