Bots can mail you, even if you block them

I am f… tired of constant mails from gold sellers that i have to delete 2-3 times a day.
Now, the best part is… even if i blocked them i still receive mails?

This bot is on my blocked list since yesterday, and i just got a mail from him.

Date clearly says 6/21. And he’s blocked since 6/20.

So i did a little testing, and i can’t write him back, because… he’s blocked.




This is a definite problem. Not just a bot specific problem.
I have a friend who blocked someone in game and the blocked person has been spamming my friend’s mailbox with not so friendly messages. What is the point of blocking someone if they can still communicate with you?

Please stop mail from being sent from blocked accounts!

I’m refreshing, because the problem still exists and there is not a single info about any changes @Community-Team

I usually got whispers from bots after I’ve said something in the area chat
Solution ( for me) : I stopped saying anything in the chat, 100% effectiveness!