Bots / Cash Shop

I just came across a bot in North Vern at level 10 roster, how on earth the anti cheat let that happen? all the fixes made are impacting the players more that the bot and their organization. the game is leaking REAL players, and not only bots for the past months since most QOL stuff are now gone, pheons are more expensive than bitcoin, market is empty since big players only play alts and then don’t drop relic pieces to sell, even if it wasn’t how can we buy stuff without pheons?

I would like you to consider all the complains, try to fix them BUT with the goal to make players have a break because the ones hostage of the situation isn’t the bots, again it’s US PLAYERS, even if that means bots are back for a bit because it’s summer event and nobody is enjoying it at it’s real potential, the game is close to a masterpiece, that why we all complain a lot, but that doesn’t mean amazon games can do whatever you want with it.