Bots causing queues a lie?

There are 600k-700k players online right now, and no queues (on NA West at least).

I thought bots were the main cause of long queues? If this was the cause, how could there be so many bots online right now but with no queues getting into the server?

There most definitely is bots causing queues I have been dealing with 4000 queues non peak and 10000+ queues in peak hour, on weekends you have to wait 2 hours plus just to log in it’s ridiculous and then when you do log in the server it kicks you off 5 minutes later because of instability, and if you look at the steam population data the player count isn’t fluctuating like it would if you had a majority of real players it’s staying above 600k plus 24/7.

So why isn’t there any queues right now?

You gatta share some of those drugs.

There are two factors now for queues, you prob missed the dev posts on this.

  • actual number concurrent logins exceeding queue capacity

  • queue capacity deliberately set lower as part of fighting bots

Don’t want to get into argument over how lowering queue capacity can help fight bots, am just the messenger not smilezon bible salesman. Posts made by devs awhile back clearly stated though that logging queue capacity was significantly lowered as part of fighting bots.

Then when the last uproar over queues happened, devs specifically noted they would temporarily lift these artificially lowered queue capacities.

  • so pretty obvious what happened here : due to higher than normal flood of bots, queues got giant, ppl screamed and complained (as they rightfully should), and devs behind the scenes raised the capacity back up hence no queues

Not said by devs but my own reasoning is I believe with artificially lower queue capacity, we have less ppl able to login and queues building up or large queues, but more stable exp for those already inside.

With capacity restored to normal, we have no or only small queue, but less stable exp for ppl already in game. Hence the long ago decision by devs to reduce the server login capacity (which then click exaccerbates and makes queues giant sized but ppl in game have fairly stable exp)


no queue right now because there’s less real people logging in. the bots are already inside nonstop farming 24/7. sometimes there’s 100ch on vern or probably more.

It’s caused by a combination of bots and AGS lowering capacities on the servers.

Bots aren’t directly causing the queues.

Bots cause server stability issues due to too many players, so AGS reduces server caps, and that causes queues.