BOTS! do something please

When are you guys do something about this? BOTS are clogging auction house…

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they are aware of this problem and they are not doing anything, but why are you wasting your breath? let them do their job.

Even if they are aware of it, people expressing their annoyance over the inconvenience helps convey the level of frustration it is causing which can potentially raise the level of concern for the developers to come to a solution.

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No it doesn’t. Because you guys have been complaining about the bots for so long they keep putting these trash bandaid fixes in the game while trying to handle it, which is why we have the auction house issue now. That’s not due to bots. That was put in there to combat the bots. You think this game that had so many players on release is now having issues with bots flooding the market? No.

You are right. It is better to not say anything and to not give feedback about a poorly implemented change they made.

People have posted much more extensive and comprehensive posts than this or any of the recent posts pertaining to bots. Why do you think that is? Because all the smart players have left. Players that see the inevitable doom this game is traveling towards to have voiced their opinions and concerns to no avail. You will no longer see any constructive feedback/criticism concerning RMT and Bots anymore. If the brilliant and considerate players that have offered suggestions on all kinds of workarounds and fixes cannot prompt a change, do you think a mundane posts as such would do anything at all? :rofl:

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at this point there’s only bots/cheater left anyway.

That’s a harsh assumption - and wrong for all I know. The forum crybabys just get less and I can’t see anything bad about it :grin:

The problem is AGS, why can’t we give feedback? If they can solve the problem, I don’t want to open this forum. Isn’t it?

This is how it looks in the Slen server:

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“Best we can do is shut servers down because players got too many freebie pheons.”

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if you love player with bots and cheaters good for you i guess :joy:

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Bots don’t play Legion raids. And I never encountered a cheater there too so dunno if we even play the same game.

of course they don’t they just one shot most boss with cheats like we’ve seen all over the net :joy: bing shilling