Bots Flooding The Leveling Experience

I introduced my friend to the game, and the entire time I’ve been leveling with her I’ve seen at least a couple hundred bots. I managed to report about 100 of them, but it’s daunting knowing all these “changes” were made to get rid of them.
I rarely saw real players as well, so it makes me wonder how many real players are actually online. It makes you start to think the game population numbers are being inflated by bots if what you see is 90% bots during leveling.
That’s A LOT of bots, to see a couple hundred in the places we went but only one or two players?
I hope that the bots can be eradicated. Isn’t there some sort of code you can implement to track when players are literally teleporting everywhere? Or tracking one of the definitive things bots do that players aren’t. It would at least make it harder for them. Not trading at level 30 means nothing if they have giant webs playing at once and them all making it to level 30 within an hour.

I love the game, and I’m sure the majority of the population numbers are real, but I worry about the new players joining who try to speak to people or see them teleporting through objects. It’s a lonely experience if I wasn’t with her leveling. Maybe you can’t see the people because they’re flooded by bots?