Bots free game and how to make it

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the game.
Would like to start this tread to obtain some ideas and constructive feedback from community on how to make game bots free. So i would like to start with some general questions.

What are bots?
What are they doing in game?
How exactly are they doing it?
Who is sending them?
Why are they sent?
What can be done to make bots life miserable?
How that can be done?

Please sustain yourself from conspiracy teory comments like they are filling chinese country budget or that they are owned by developers itself to earn even more etc etc.

Thank you in advance for all constructive comments.

Kind regards

“A Picture says more than a thousand words”


Do you think that there is no way to fight that industry?

Holy crap, I’ve never seen this, that’s ridiculous.

What are bots? Cockroaches
What are they doing in game? Making gold
How exactly are they doing it? Endless chaos dungeon / story line / selling mats etc…
Who is sending them? Companies
Why are they sent? To make money
What can be done to make bots life miserable? Make RMTers life miserable, because they are the trash that give reasons for the cockroaches to stay in the house.
How that can be done? Clean up the house, perma ban all RMTers


Why do you think that the community has any inkling of how to make games at all or bot free specifically as no game which is played online with a multiplayer and economy is ever free of bots? What makes you think anything said here will be constructive or helpful? Are you missing your Sancho Panza or something?

Dudes asking for constructive discussion, if you just want to be a keyboard warrior there are better posts.

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If you look closely, you see that every Monitor holds 128 Bot Instances.

That are 512 per Workspace!

If you also count the racks in the back, with the hardware sitting on it, there are at least 6 of them, which would mean they could run up to 3072 bots, only on what is visible on the picture!

Wouldn’t be surprised if they got a bunch more of that…

Yeah no wonder they re-inflate so fast after being banned.

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Why are his questions more valid than mine tho? He must have a reason to think the way he does, so why am I not allowed to ask for this reason?

There was an interview, with a Bot-Runner in April, on vg247.

He stated that he has a program that could create thousands of new accounts in a minute, and also that he made 300-500 € per day, at that point!

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Because the way he asked his was constructive. The way you asked yours was hyperaggressive.

And you think that every1 in the community are construction workers?

I honestly beleive that there are people in community that might have some brilliant ideas

I’ll have to give this a watch after the meeting I’m in.


What are bots? Bot’s are a systematic fully automated ‘player character’ that runs quests and collects gold.
What are they doing in game? Collecting gold
How exactly are they doing it? Doing hundreds of small quests that give minor gold rewards and running infinite chaos dungeons to generate thousands of mats to sell for gold
Who is sending them? Chinese and American botters.
Why are they sent? To collect gold and sell it to real players for currency
What can be done to make bots life miserable? They’ve already taken steps to eliminate them, but to completely remove the bot problem they would need to implement REALID verification or credit card verification. Captcha would slow them down for a week or two but wouldn’t eliminate the issue in its entirety.
How that can be done? Credit card verification should be fairly simple for them to implement as part of the login process, however I’m not a programmer just in QA and database management. so without seeing their specific code I can’t give an exact path on how to implement the verification.

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It’s nearly impossible to stop bots effectively. Because if done correctly, they are nearly indistinguishable from a real player from a systemic point of view.

But wait a minute… Everyone can tell a bot apart! Can’t they?

Well yes. Of course if you are in game you can tell who is a bot and who isn’t. But unless you plan on hiring hundreds of moderators that go around and ban bots day and night you need to automate the process. How will you automate banning bots when they behave like real players?

It’s impossible.

A better solution is to target those who benefit from their services instead. But even that is difficult. The only true solution to solve the bot problem is to introduce national identity like in Korea as a per-requisite of playing which is impossible.

I think GDPR policy law wouod not allow that or anything related to colecting personal data unless Amazon take different legal approach.

Credit card verification will never work. They will be major pushback. And real is verification is also against the law in many of the countries Lost Ark is published in (see EU)

RealID isnt feasible and I didnt say that it was. but CC verification is very doable, and honestly if people have an issue with it, they dont want to get rid of bots.