Bots free game and how to make it

To complement what @Arthianne said, MMOs or games nowadays need international laws to prevent these situations. It’s 2022 and Internet has become a basic or mandatory need for everyone around the world, therefore all the illegal actions people commit in the Internet, should be punished legally to start with.
The Internet Protocol (IP) should be upgraded so instead of it being the ID of a computer, it should be the ID of a single person. With the current technology we have, it’s possible to do it but requires politics and that’s the biggest wall in here. It will take several decades for either Europe or America to start with proper regularization of the Internet.

Machine learning and automatization have been very popular for the past 15-20 years. There are plenty of ways to stop bots, but it would ruin the player experience in the mid to long term.

Lost Ark will die just like several MMOs have died due to bots in the past, until big corporations start taking actions and step up in the matter.

When is it going to happen?

Hard to say, maybe 20? 50? or 100 years from now.

You need to remember this, If you buy for example 1 million gold from bots AGS only ban you 1 day and you keep all your gold ^^( thats something tested for a lot of players so dont argue about that). Basically AGS create the problem for not permaban them or at least remove all gold they buy, because they think after 1 day ban this people is going to buy from cash shop ( that never happens sorry) when they just buy from bots again and get banned 3 days max and still keeping all gold. I hope that help you to understand why everyday we have more and more bots.

Time to end free to play.

“Amazon can try banning as many users as it wishes. The only actual way to stop mass bots is selling Lost Ark for money, instead of leaving it for free. I have a bot that can create unlimited Steam accounts for free and it creates thousands per minute.

One solution i would come up with, which is very invasive, is to remove the market entirely. No transactions in the game. But that also means, re-designing the whole MMO concept.

Yep, not gonna happen anytime soon.

The only solution is permaban RMT/botters etc or at least wipe all account , if they dont do that the problem only grow and grow everyday. Just who cares about 1 day ban when you can buy all gems lvl 10 engravings x12 perfect acc weapon +25 quality 100 etc

This isnt a solution, people will still RMT despite the risk.

yes but at the end they get permabanned , right now they are not even banned just 1 day of vacation then go with rested and 1 million gold more :smiley:

This isnt even remotely true. It’s true that minor infractions and first offenders get banned for 1-3 days. But you can’t buy “1 million gold” And not be permabanned. @Roxx has already stated that large first offenses and repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

That is simply not true. There are strict data protection laws but you don’t have to violate them in order to verify a users identity. The EU tries to establish clear standards for EU wide electronic identity verification since 2016, see eIDAS.

The real problem is the lacking acceptance and wide spread availability of such services. Accessibility is the major selling point of the f2p model, creating additional barriers is simply not in the interest of gaming companies.
As long as the companies are hurt less by rampant cheating than the implementation of effective counter measures nothing will really change.
That being said, i think secure electronic identification and tying services to that identification, like in Korea, is a basic requirement to effectively combat cheating in multiplayer games.

The problems come from the bottom, first of all, why there is bots in this game?
Because there is a player base that want to buy the service that they brings there.

The game is designed to be played whit more char, not all of us want to play x alts all to funnel the mats the main need and buying a service that allow u to run endless chaos dungeon when ur a sleep seems good.

Why botting in lost ark is so worthy?
Bots sell honing mats for gold,
selling gold to player,
Player spend gold for honing mats,
and repeat.
So in the end the first mats that ar worthy the transiction come back to bots.
So making the honing mats bound after 1 trade from the action house seems a good idea,
But not the ultimate answer for the problem.

U dont want to rmt but u want to run endless chaos dungeon?
No problem, they will sell u a tools where u only need press 1 button and ur running infinite chaos when u can sleep in ur bed, all for a week subcription thet cost u X€

Why pp need that much of honing mats? Because the honing rate sucks if u compare it whit the content speed that we have, pp feels behind when they cannot run the last dungeon that the game realise, so u have 3 option:
1 a bounch of luck and one tap every honing.
2 wait 2-3 week where u only spam chaos dungeon/daily/guard and thats it (and maybe dont even get the gs requirement)
3 rmt.

you said this for real? there is people with more than 20 million gold and nothing happens to them you even have chinese streamers using hacks for more than 3 months still playing nothing happens. If you sleep better thinking they permaban its ok, good for you but the reallity is extremely far. They only permaban for massive report even if its false doesnt matter , exactly the same as new world there is people permabanned for ‘‘chat abuse’’ and they NEVER used chat so pls…

What if they implement random raid boss fight with random class random map and random prebuild for some daili reward before you log in? And make it random for every accout every day.

Maybe just make it simple stupid

There are even Korean Hackers streaming themselves botting… on KR!

Well, the game need some sort of in game keylogger that flags suspicious accounts for one moderator to review and ban it togehter with every other account that is connected to it using logs like mails gold or market sales of overpriced gems it’s not that hard to write an algorithm recording key presses and movement of character and check for patterns, so unless the boters develop actual AI that is supposed to imitate humans, rather than setup macros, the issue would be resolved imo.
Other way of doing this would be developing AI that would recognize bots just like human moderators do, based on their activity.

Because your question isn’t the discussion? Ops post is literally the discussion, if you want to make your own go right ahead but don’t just jump on other people’s posts and make them about you

At this point, we have to accept there is no such thing as a bot free game. If there is profit to be made and a way to automate creating/raising accounts and farming, there will always be bots.

I don’t think it’s realistic for people to expect SG/AGS to find a way to completely remove all bots, when no other game has achieved this. But the problem is they are clearly not doing enough, or at least the tried methods aren’t effective enough. Let’s be honest, the VPN ban has probably affected more legitimate players than bots.

There are a few things they can consider doing but may not be feasible for various reasons. Such as hiring GMs specifically to ban bots in game (could be abused if it’s actual players or if it’s AGS staff, that means extra money); stricter player authentication (similar to what KR has done but western audience are typically against giving up personal information for games); close monitoring of gold transfers, especially through mail and AH (but this could also affect legitimate players).

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