Bots getting past steam trusted restriction

So steam Trusted restriction is easily getting bypass by just topping up steam Wallet with few days wait all restrictions are removed. SG and ASG need to do better.

I have friend on NA that told me this.


Hope they will start doing more fishing and foraging again. I miss the 1g sales


There is now a cost of doing business for the gold farmer, they can top up $5 for one trusted account, wait for 7-14 days. 500 bots x 5, that’s $2500 upfront. once these 500 get banned, the cycle start over.

Which means the win condition for AMG/SGR is to make sure bots get banned before they generate their $5 worth, regularly enough it becomes not a viable business and the botters move on.


I was watching them in Vern, they repair after every Chaos Dungeon and move to the exact same pixel lol. Their scripts aren’t even randomized at all. Now seeing them speedhack all over the early areas as well again. No idea how they aren’t immediately detected. Thought AGS+SG had actually implemented something that catches them, but nope, just remove sources of gold from the game, put in steam guard, GGWP. Hope you like having 0 gold all the way up to Feiton, and every single commodity plummet to nothing.

Put. Something. In. That. Detects. Lazy. Scripts. Flags. And. Bans. At. Random. Intervals.

Multi-billion dollar publisher, multi-million dollar dev, and they can’t even pay one programmer to do something so simple?

If you’re not going to do anything, may as well put an “auto-farm” option in the game where you click one button and just run chaos endlessly. XD


It’s a multi-billion dollar advertisement budget, the company is actually just 1 guy sitting in an office that subcontracts filipino call centers to not do anything on tickets and post positive stuff on forums.


Nah they wont do anything, just words too soothe players…

Because if they ban bots we hardly see 50k players on steam charts.


So true haha, I was sitting in the room you go to when you knowledge transfer an alt, in the 10 minutes I was there, over 60 bots were knowledge transferred and not a single real player, and that’s on a low population server.

Your a funny dude Roadmap

but the insane part is; the bots are still running through walls. 2 months into the game. you cant make this shit up. millions of dollars in development and bots can still run through walls in broad daylight 2 months in.

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That’s the same thing you see when they speedhack. They’re teleporting because they are abusing the netcode with a lagswitch and they use an altered version of the game that allows them to speed up and pass through terrain on their client.

They enable the lagswitch while they do it, the game can’t read where they are during that time, and when it updates, they are in the position they used their cheats to get to and the game teleports them there.

Think rubber-banding, but in reverse.

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That’s because a lot of the game files the dictate your character’s stats, movement, and location are all local.

This is the case because players cheat less in KR since your account is tied to your ID number.

Thus KR games tend to be developed this way, whereas western games have almost all of such assets server side.


Game developers can take the easy-way out and make games with bad network stacks that allow clients to do whatever they want and the client(s) boss the server around telling the server whats happening in the game.

Its much harder to make a performant network stack that uses dumb clients that have to ask the server for permission to do anything. Anything allowed by the client can be sanity checked and botting/cheating can quickly/easily be detected in a well designed game.

Amazon’s New World and this game created by Smilegate decided to take the easy-way out and they created client-side authority games. They will never get rid of botters unless they go back through and refacfor/rehook their games up to a network stack that is secure. The problem is making something like that performant enough you can run an MMO on it without lag/hitching.

These companies go with the cheap/fast/easy way of doing things because their bosses arent looking for games that stand the test of time - just games that get published and make $$ faster. Any MMO made today that expects to be around for 5+ years shouls be thinking about botting/security/quality. Nothing kills a game faster than rampant botting.

In smilegates defense you have to sign up with your Koren social security number so the likelihood of someone botting is much less. Making sure a game is more performant at the cost of security is a better risk/benefit analysis in that country.

Exactly. Lost Ark wasn’t designed to face the market AGS has licensed it for, so it has little native immunity to bots.

There is egg on the faces of both sides here, but the majority lies on AGS for not warning Smilegate of the potential problem and getting them to but in some protections prior to launch. (Since it will take Smilegate to put such things in place.) AGS had plenty of lead up time in which to put this on the docket and brutal, direct experience with client side designs being vulnerable to exploitation/botting thanks to New World.

Every previous region has had some type of ID authentication to limit botting issues and AGS’s job (as they’ve said themselves) is to help Smilegate adapt Lost Ark to the NA/EU market, which this issue squarely is.

Sanity checks are something I really hope they have in the pipeline. Bots that ‘play’ the game I dislike but can live with. Bot’s that outright cheat, those get my goat.


Not surprised to read they’ve figured out how easy it is to get around this latest “prevention” tool to combat the bots.

The risk/reward leans so heavily in favor of the bot “players” to continue to do their thing. $5 investment to make hundreds if not thousands of $$$ every 7 to 14 days and then rinse/repeat when their accounts get permabanned.

I think it was clear the trusted thing was a band-aid to give AGS enough time to come up with some longer term solution…what that is, or better, what they will CHOOSE to do next is beyond me.

I haven’t been in the starting areas in so long…can’t wait to see what leveling is like when lance master drops. It might just force me to use a power pass or knowledge transfer on it :joy:

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The point is when these account is banned they will need to do this again. So each time they are banned they will need to put up that $5 per account again and wait 7-14 days. And botters need to run multiple accounts.

Where is before they have no hurdles at all.

Steam trust is always about slowing them down. It was never mean to stop them.

Stopping bots can only be done by the game and not steam authentication.

Just remember if the 1 million bot account banned last month was accurate. If that happened This month that’s $5 million in steam wallets.

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As long as they can frequently ban bots steam accounts and forcing them to create a new account and depositing, they should also add in restrictions to bots from using the AH, new players don’t really sit there watching the AH so them losing access to it till later shouldn’t? Be too bad for them. Maybe lock AH behind a Yorn quest or something, then eventually bots won’t make much gold selling T1/2 mats when people are mostly in late T3 (1370+). Then it’s just a matter of banning these bots before they can grind that high, as we know in KR T3 mats are 1g each and leapstones are relatively cheap so bots will still struggle to gain gold even with constant dungeons. Issue is we just aren’t at the point where inflation hits hard like in KR, once we get a couple of legion raids I personally believe bots will become less profitable and not worth really worth the effort.

I hope it’s friend from china on NA server* Like who types like that.

No matter how you do to limit botter/gold seller, they are still human who has BRAIN to think, as long as they have demand, they will keep coming back.

Ive told you in my “deleted as spam post” dont make your 1st mistake. Now you see the truth.

You have limited us who just downloaded steam only to play lost ark. Now some ppls suggest to limit AH. Why dont you make this lost-ark as “pay to play” also. LOL making more mistake on top of mistakes.

Juzt hope the best. Juzt dont make more mistakes.

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You are all missing the fact that this 5$ is getting withdrawn/charged back the moment the account gets banned on lost ark. And it’s well known on botting forums. They do not lose any money in the process.

And to anticipate comments that you can’t withdraw wallet funds from steam - yes you can using sell commodity item method.

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