Bots gone for good? Amazon/SG doing good work?

We’ve been at sub 350k players and decreasing slowly for 24hours: Steam charts
Bots usually came back after aprx 2 hours. Are they gone for good now?


+600k bot wow. Maybe more. Because there are still bots in places like vern luterra. As I said in my previous comments, the actual player base of this game is 100-150k

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Couldnt tell you what vern looks like still but theres 7 channels in the start area still. (azena)

Wayyyyyyyyyyyy better and wayy more promising at least. We’ll see what happens tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

They need to keep up the pressure now and continue to give heavy punishments to RMT players. A step in the right direction so far, but we need to take several steps :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for confirmed info hopefully on the RMT situation and I’d restore my chars again XD Do wanna play but still see trades on market (why i got them to 30)

Sure youll see em still with perm bans but right now the punishment isn’t even really known. at most we think 3 days.

banning script + steam trusted status sure hurt their efficiency

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You get perm ban for rmt. A guild mate of mine has been perm banned for 50k rmt.

Well I do hope thats the case, its needed since it was so widespread. I feel sorry for the mate though. (50k isnt to much XD)

I don’t. Told him not to do it in the Discord but it seems people had him convinced the worst case scenario was a 3 day ban. Sad af.


Well i didnt need to be nice then haha.

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Bruh wut

Hey you know what i think free bot scripts might be gone? We need people to confirm from the discords or forums where they get their bot scripts from If it is confirmed that free bot scripts is highly affected, they might go to the next stage of making advance bot scripts.

I will add I have seen alot of new players in the last 30 mins or so since i been liking destroyer… hella more then 10-30 with 1 player only.

Ye probably will be better clients/scripts but still XD gotta give them credit, that place use to have like 30 channels haha.

hope they keep doing it

and honestly good to see them put their foot down on it instead of some of the excuses we’ve been getting

This actually is mostly not sus (except 1 obvious RMT in the middle)

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there is also just 66 pages here, not like 500+ that we had before

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Jewelry still has bunch of sus, but only about 3-4 transactions I can see from today.

500+? Holy heck