Bots have mass invaded T3

there is ton of 1325 bots in the Tikatika, north of Dark flower garden tripod, farming the flowers…
10-15 bots per channel…AGS must be very efficient with bot banning when they reach 1325 in such numbers. Good job

edit: and this is on lowest pop EUC server. NAW there must be crazy shit



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At least they can stand there and protect the welfare of Punika


Stop blaming only ags. The bot epidemic is the fault of the community. Everyone has friends and guildmates who are buying bot gold. Report them and stop playing with them. The mmo culture is rotten at It’s core and it’s time for a chamge.


fine ill start with reporting you.

I’ll just report everyone since I don’t know and if I do I might hit 1 out of 10.

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I meant report and stop playing with your guild mates who are buying bot gold. I fixed it. Don’t bother reporting bots. That is pointless.

that’s GG folks

Maybe if the barrier to entry to spending a little to progress through legitimate means within the game wasn’t so terrible, less people would feel the need to be ripped off less by gold sellers than by AGS.


If the price is higher than you like then play the long game or quit. If you buy from bots you are stealing from SG and AGS and ruining the game for everyone else. Garbage gamer.

this is actually genious


I have never RMT’d, and have quit the game about 2-3 weeks ago.
I have mentioned this before too, but I rather give my money to bot farmers than AGS/SG.

In my opinion, garbage company breeds garbage players. Would someone rather get ripped off by AGS/SG, or pay less to a bot farmer? People won’t just blindly pay AGS/SG whatever they ask, even though it is their game.
Keep in mind I am not condoning these actions, just providing a possible explanation.


So every mmo is ran by a garbage company? Rmt losers are in every one of them. That argument doesn’t really hold up.

I’m glad you quit instead of rmt as that’s the right thing to do. More people should be like you.


Let me be more clear, I have never said every mmo is ran by a garbage company :joy:

The relationship in my opinion is this: The more selfish a company is, the more selfish players will act. So if Company A is more selfish than Company B, Company A’s game will have more players that act selfishly (RMT, etc.)

I have absolutely zero sympathy for AGS/SG for losing this money.


this is a people thing if you expect everyone to live by your Made up in your head moral code in life you will always be out of luck, People, steal, people kill, Fuck others wives and they RMT thats life. Has nothing to do with the company people will do things regardless who really cares just play the game, or dont.

they going for the 1445 relic accessory with their infinite chaos dungeon currency^^

I don’t buy from either, i’m just saying people shop for the best prices in everything in life, nobody buying gold from RMT is worried about being loyal to AGS.

If Walmart is selling you a TV for 1000 but BestBuy has that same TV for 350, guess where your gonna shop.

12.99 = 1000 RC (952 RC for 2,344 gold) - RMT: 3.23 USD
25.99 = 2200 RC (2142 RC for 5,274 gold) - RMT: 7.27 USD
66.99 = 5750 RC (5712 RC for 14,064 gold) - RMT: 19.41 USD
133.99 = 12,000 RC (11,900 RC for 29,300 gold) - RMT: 40.43 USD

The last thing someone being sold anything for less than 1/3 the price is worried about is the multi-billion dollar company that isn’t getting the money.


This is more like Walmart is selling the TV for 1000 and Billy Bob stole 100 TV’s from Walmart and is selling them for 350.

Multi-billion dollar company is irrelevant. Rmt’ers are not Robin Hood. They are trash. It’s not okay to steal from a multi-billion dollar company aymore than it is from a mom and pop shop.

It’s not only the company they are hurting either. They ruin every mmo for real gamers with their bot army.

Also, my apologies if I made it sound like I was accusing you of being one of the rmt scum.

they’ve been in t3 for 6+weeks this isn’t news

I’m a bit concerned about the blood pressure issues people will develop in a few years.