Bots? Ignore them. They’re a part of the economy

A healthy game will always have bots. Love them or hate them they will help the average player.
Grudge books ? Thanks bots, I bought
Cheap red and blue stones ? Thanks bots, I buy
Cheap adventure time items ? Thanks bots, I buy
Inflated GHL prices ? Thanks bots, I sell
Cheap Fish? Thanks bots, I bought
Forum rage post about bots? Thanks bots, I laugh


“I can’t play the game without me or my teammates disconnecting but it’s okay because I bought all the adventure tome items for 1g and I can brag about it on the forums”

Nice take.


Bots aren’t “part of (ingame) economy”. They own it. They steer it. They own the One Ring ™.
AGS doesn’t. Real players have a minimal impact on it.

Facts, and don’t forget the accessories and stones, without them, market will be dry.

As for the auction house problem, believe it or not, it’s the players running the scripts and not the bots.

I’m going with “not”.


You forgot to add:
not being able to use AH thanks to bots

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If you don’t understand, don’t judge. I’ve been lurking in bots’ social groups all day, and I know all too well what they can do to a game. Just look at how many pages AH has of gems.

that’s BS

I’m playing this single player game and bots don’t exist at all what you mean?

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Bots generating cheap materials and more supply is not a bad thing but it has become a huge hassle to access those materials so people are complaining now just like the 1 hour waiting ques before.

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