Bots in cube fight ok, can’t move to next level

Am assuming bot because why would normal player give up cube ticket on first floor? If a troll, seems costly to sacrifice 1 ticket just to have someone else lose ticket.

  • enter cube with 4 players total, me plus 3 bots

  • kill first floor ok, see bots moving and fighting. Seem to actually be doing decent damage and fighting just fine

  • after all mobs killed, green platform for next level appears, but only I goto platform. All bots seem stuck or unaware where next level platform is and stand still in center

  • after short timer to get on next level perform runs out, cube fails and not eve bronze chest earned as failed on first floor

Just my guess, it seems solid evidence these are bots. And this explains why sometimes I get cubes with 1 or 2 “players” that refuse to move from center to next level platform. Seems script can’t tell where it is and they rely on normal players to get on and move group to next level

Problem is takes minimum 2 characters on platform, and if by chance there are 3 bots with you, then you are screwed and don’t even get bronze ticket

P.s. by bots, I mean obviously run by automation, but not so obvious as the pkgdws named farm bots with no guild, generic sorc or berserker clone. These cube bots seemed reasonably geared, had guild tags (with references to China or korea in guild name).

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Wow they can’t even be bothered to run a 5-minute cube anymore.

This part is false. I hardly ever move to the platform. I only do so if others aren’t. Since when I did originally I was almost always last to it.

bot creators please fix your bots

You can’t fail cube with time running out

Have you somehow never done cube? Or play LA at all?

If at least 2 players don’t move to green platform after clearing first floor, then after short period of time you fail at whatever progress you had completed.

Move to platform for next level or timer runs out. Forgot exact timer but les than 1 minute.

Since this happened to me literally on first floor before earning any progress, not even bronze cube, my group was failed because I was only person on platform and takes 2 to trigger going next floor.

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You don’t need everyone to move to the platform to continue to next stage in cube, only one person has to.
There is also an achivement that requires you to basically complete every stage after having the timer run out and have 3 out of 4 members dead.

It requires 2 people to stay on the platform to continue. Dead people get revived once a floor is cleared, so you can actually progress if only 1 is alive.

You clearly never have done cube

lol hahahahahahaha @Roxx

Incorrect. As noted by others if all players alive, you need 2 ppl to goto platform to trigger next floor.

If not, as stated, just sit there waiting until times out and cube is finished for group. If this happens on later floors, after already earning chest like silver or gold, you at least get that chest.

But if it happens early, like my first floor, don’t eve get bronze cube when it fails.