Bots in North Vern in all Chanels

Hey Amazon Team,

Although I have reported bots in North Vern many times, they can still be seen on all channels in North Vern at the Chaos Dungeon. Always in the same places. I have the feeling that it is useless to report them.
I am on the Slen Server.


while they say they’ve banned some bots after every banwave,
it doesn’t work at all when you can create a new steam account in 10 seconds.

After every “banwave” of bots, their population doubles. This will never be fixed until they do something about account creation, but they aren’t doing anything about that cuz of everyone’s “freedom” and “private information”.

When in real life Amazon most likely already has more personal info that you already know.

they’re actually making like 10000+ steam accounts in ten seconds.

While AGS is permabanning 1 bot account in a week too