Bots in punika, this is the end

Login to do some dailys that i forgot and found this in punika…

All of them same ilvl, hausing, account, all… its not a surprise when i create a character to do the express pass and use powerlevel of the Stronghold i found docens of boots in the hause that you popup when you create the character, so there are using powerlevel and no ban…

Now they are in Punika… fine… game is over.

Edit Server Kadan EU

The player that talk is tellme that report they with him.

Mmmm the guild’s name of that user/bot is a pun with Lost Ark and a spanish city (Alicante).

Are you sure he’s a bot? Maybe he’s just bad af xD

Why is that a bot?

Looks like a multiboxer to me. Seen plenty of those in the last days.

Lots of multi boxers lately. Lots of them. I don’t know if that’s against TOS

It is, one account per person.

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Yes, it is against the TOS, please report these players!

bots have been in t3 for a few weeks now. this isnt even new