Bots in South Vern in under 24 hours, please AGS do something

I love this game, I really do. I’ve spent hours upon hours every single day playing Lost Ark because it is truly an amazing game and Smilegate has shown us what they can do for game quality and how much they care for their players / customers. I just wish Amazon would do something to show us that they also care that much about us and not just the money in our wallets. I’ve seen more bots in the past week than I did in the past month. Punika is swamped with bots that somehow don’t get banned even after being reported every single day.

Farming some adventure tome items before the prices start to lower I ran into a multi boxer running through the new South Vern story on 5 sorcs at once. While I was following him around and reporting the multiple accounts he said “Look at you father”… Less than a day and we are already going to have bots infesting the new content, crashing the prices of every South Vern Adventure tome items (which is the most stable way for anyone to be making gold right now). Can we please do something to actually address the bots instead of a ban wave every other month or a “steam verification” which is spend 5$ to play the game.I was hoping that in todays update AGS/Smilegate would have done something about the newest bot wave but I was clearly wrong.

Can you please come up with a system like Korea has where there is literally no botters… Either IP bans, or MAC address bans so the botters / multi boxers can’t use their hardware on the game anymore. Make it so you have to have a steam account for over a year thats active or something I truly don’t know but Whatever system is in place has been proven to fail time and time again. I know that nobody wants this game to die, but at this rates bots will kill the game and it’ll be on AGS head because Smilegate surely doesn’t have this problem in Korea.


It is sooooo bad. I came on here to post about it. I’m in South Vern right now and it’s packed full of bots on every channel. They’re like ants. Perhaps part of the solution is to put the ban hammer down on accounts associated to gold buying activity? I know they did that once before. It frustrates me to hear the Korean version doesn’t have botting. Not only does it cause economy problems, but it’s unsightly. It takes us out of the game experience, or at least it does that to me. It’s just an overall bad user experience

You need a korea ID to play
Kinda hard to get one for that many bots xD