Bots in the Auction House?

I play in NAE Kharmine. I have been looking for an Earring +5 Desperate Salvation/+3 Drops of Ether + Swiftness for about 4 weeks now, and at this point I suspect there are bots flipping items. I check for this item every day, in the morning, evening and late nigh. I check about 2-3 times withing each hour (kind of a daily at this point) and I’m always late to someone flipping it.

The first time I thought it was bad luck. The second time…ok someone is making money out of supports make sense…but how can I always be the one being late ? this had happen at least 10 times in this 4 weeks. Thus, at this point my only conclusion is that it must be someone using some external help to be this fast.

I know the bots are everywhere and the team have their hands full, but I wanted to ask if the team is aware of bots in the AH @Roxx ?