Bots in the Part Finder

This bot has been in the party finder for days now, trying to sell gold. It really makes me wonder if AGS actually cares about getting rid of the bots. Its literally out in the open.

and before anyone comes in here saying they are using that party title as a joke. they aren’t. Its up 24 hours a day and they never fill that party or tale it down. The emails are also obnoxious enough but this is ridiculous.

Gold seller in the party finder*

Welcome to MMOs where these people do anything to make a buck. Report and move on.

I did report it. Over a week ago. Also I love the " Welcome to MMO’s" assumption people use when they respond to people bringing up legit concerns. Its not like I put 15k hours or like 10 years into playing MMOs or anything. /s

Everyone knows it’s a concern. Gold sellers/bots will do anything in their power to make money. It’s just what it is…and it’s like that in every MMO I’ve played. Just report and move on man…all you can do. This stuff will never fully be figured out. It’s and ever changing game.

So burdening down the party finder with bots seems like something worth fixing. I mean I’m not an expert on servers ** looks at my network+ and security+ certifications**

Ofc it’s worth fixing and I’m sure they will address it. Luckily it’s only 1 atm…and not on WoW’s party finder.