Bots Inflating Crystal Price

So yeah I just wonder if the hyperinflation that occured just in a week like it was 300 gold? and now it’s 780 for crystals will be adressed like the bot gold that was pumped removed? I don’t think they care but I just wondered if the price will be only higher or maybe stabilize? It’s completly dumb to buy it when you just have to deal with your own grinded gold. What do you guys think of it?


I already went back to Dota 2


you sure it is the bots? I mean… They are not really interested in the crystals now are they?
And they sure as hell don’t want crystals either, they only interested in gold and delivering it to certain people for money outside the game.

I think this inflation is there because people are simply whales and just keep buying buying and buying more and at the same time more and more gold is coming in.

the gold sellers might be responsible for some people to have ‘too much gold’ and are then spending their gold on the crystals inflating the price a bit. Now at which scale this happens, and to what scale this is ‘natural’ inflation I have no idea. Would love to see the raw data.

buying botted gold to exchange to crystals is 5x cheaper than buying crystals ingame. That’s one of the biggest reasons people buy gold…


Im geussing most people are rolling the dice and buying bot gold and then putting it into blue crystals and gear.

Reason crystal price is so high is there is more demand then supply over the weekend i seen alot of time 0 crystals on the market and the price shot up to 700+ and blue gems followed because demand for those shot up because most streamers are telling people to buy them and people got smart.

Sadly the market didnt follow in EU everything is like 5x cheaper then in NA

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Really? In EU central the gem price is now 810 per 95 is it higher in NA? If so that’s really bad and the price of materials end everything constantly drops day by day so it’s really cringe

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NA is roughly the same! As of today buying botted 3rd party gold to exchange to blue crystals is 6x cheaper than buying blue crystals in game. And this will only get worse the longer bots exist.

This is primarily due to the Gold the game is giving us rather than gold farms. Yes some people are no doubt buying it, but things like the adventure quest thing gives a tonne of gold >800ish gold, way more than I ever got as a new player in RU.

Also there are a large group of people who rushed T3 and knew exactly what to do to make gold, that’s why they rushed. Hence there is plenty of gold around, and they know the best thing to do is convert to crystals hence price goes up daily.

Secondly there is not really much in the game worth spending gold on at this point. Therefore the most sensible thing to do is convert gold > blue crystals, as having it sat at the top if the screen is just going to depreciate its value.

I started investing in crystals when i got enough gold to buy my first 95 crystals, which was about 400gold, i’ve then bought more crystals every time i have enough to buy at the current price on the market. There is little to no point in having more gold than you need for crafting etc.

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Yeah seems like there is too much gold flowing in the market like I’ve seen guys who rushed to T3 and were posting on Party Finder something like 500g per AFK carry raids/abyssal and full parties JOINING that WTF who buys that, I hate this instant gratification Andies who will drop the game in 1 month leaving it’s mark but it is what it is it seems like nothing much we can do…

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you get like 900g for one abyss in T3. T3 is packed with players on one of the small EUC (we never have queue) servers. Than T3 makes a good ~2k per day.

Tons of gold flooding in.

…and what do you think you can use gold for besides buying stuff in the auction house?

i hope the price still continue to go up, because i need money

It is now possible to easily make 5k per day just from playing a single character at tier three and if anyone has one or two more characters at tier two which are not entirely hard to get then the amount can go up to 10k gold per day just from three characters.

Then we have the Mari’s Shop that sells invaluable tier two and three upgrading materials.

Should ban these gold sellers and especially gold buyers. Snitch on your friends or acquaintances for a better game experience!

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Tons of gold like $100 for 100k gold from 3rd parties?

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it’s actually more like 60$ for 100k gold now and only getting cheaper.

No bro they buying gold cuz they are morons i hope they get banned

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I hope they get banned and have the gold removed from the game too, buyers and sellers~


I need to start new on the korean server. At least their system is much more vetted than Amazon. They did this with New World and now they’re doing this with Lost Ark. Get rich quick during launch then invest little to maintain; thus letting the game go to crap as they profit. Right @Roxx ?

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U okay bro?

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