Bots instantly buying all honing materials and baiting cheap listings

Bots are instantly buying all listings of honing materials, up to a set amount, and leaving one behind to bait more listings at that price. People who just sell at the currently displayed price are being fooled into listing lower than they should. People actually using them to hone are always going to pay more since the bots are instantly sniping all destructions under 14 and all guardians listed for 1g on NA East as I type this.

When the listings get to a certain higher level the bots are also “baiting” by putting 1 stone up far cheaper than the rest to, again, bait people into selling for less. They always leave behind 1 stone to keep the flow of reduced cost mats coming in so they can resell them.

Please pay attention when you list things, especially destruction stones as they are being manipulated big time!

I’ve been refreshing destructions and buying them 1 at a time to try to stem the flow and clear the order book up a bit while also snagging some cheapies. If you want some cheap destruction stones just refresh and if it shows cheap stones, hit buy and grab 1 bundle of 10. Do NOT try to buy any more than 1, you simply cannot do it, the bots are far far far too fast. You’re aiming to buy the 1 they leave behind.


and you are sure that these are definitely bots?
I have seen something like this in many games with ah^^

The speed at which these get bought out, and leave exactly 1 behind at any given price, is inhumanly fast. It’s for sure being automated. Refresh destructions for about a minute and you’ll see. Its clear as day not people buying them and getting auto assigned cheaper ones. There wouldn’t be 1 left behind, every single time, if that were the case.

There is also possibility people using macros and those are hard to detect XD

People do that too. I used to do it some time ago but now there are too many people/scripters doing it you don’t have a chance and need to spend all day which makes it not worthy.

PS. I used to make almost 15k per day by sniping undercutters especially on shards after chaos gates