Bots killing AH, but players doing the same

So people are afraid that they dont get gold quickly, they just undercut everything in AH,
if u put your stuff selling for the price that is in the moment, you’ll take a bit of time to sell it but you’ll get it.
you dont need to undercut the price always, just to get the gold faster.
i know bots are destroying some item prices on AH, we all know it, and we just move on waiting for AGS and SGR to address it.
but we players dont need to undercut everytime just to save some hours, and get the gold we need.

i worked a lot with AH, with some t3 mats, i was making around 4k-6k per day, but right now is impossible because people just undercut everything, and get greedy about the gold, and they also loose 500, 1000 gold just to save 1 hour of wait.

going the same road as NW sadly,
just think about it, we all can make good gold as a F2P,
just trade smart, dont trade dumb.

GL in arenas :slight_smile:

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The bots are also starting to gather the heck out of trade mat nodes in the popular low level spots on all channels. Can’t even get to a node without 2-3 bots on the nodes.

That’s why prices for mats are now cut in half or even 1/3 of the usual trend. Bad for economy.

thats true you can see the fish, common item, was selling 74G average per 100 stack,
and right now is like 5 gold, or 7…
its just sad… how it goes.

Yep. Can’t even compete with them because we run out of life energy while the bot owners just stream more new bots with full life energy to those nodes. :frowning:

i keep complaining about this and concidered writing a post about it.
people actually lower the price to were u can make nothing of it.
ealier i commented about workshop. players actually lowerthe prices untill they give a NEGATIVE income (total production cost>selling price) . additionally Mary shop consumables are even cheaper than production fee without counting the materials cost…

Its good that prices are droping, market should not be only for whales. This is good.

I dont know what are you talking about materials, wild flower still cost 59 per 100 which is insanely high if you need craft potions.

A crooked businessman once said

If you want to survive in the capitalistic market, you drop your revenue to squint of an eye; if you want to succeed, you buy low sell high; if you want to dominate the market, you give to where the demands at

but we miss the goldto buy cheap and sell higher!! xdd


yup thats the probem, there are various items that bots dont touch, that players undercut, a lot. and for a F2P player is impossible to earn gold

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If you thought the prices were going to stay like that then it’s pretty mindblowing to me lol…

With more people hitting t3 the prices will drop

Also in korean/russia server the prices are significantly lower than what we have right now

You can get a t3 great honor leapstone for <100gold each

as long as u make an income it’s ok. problem is the good numbzr of people that are actually loosing gold from trading instead of making gold, flooding the market and destroying the prices. gold is not only used for trading don’t forget the stronghold fees,upgrading fees… etc… they don’t drop they are fixed.

I know that. And I also know the prices in other version Are much lower than ours
The only thing I’m referring here is that people see a price and just undercut it to get the money faster. And sometimes they could get much more gold than what they actually get.

This is the way it is in real life and in lost ark, people will always price match or undercut their competitors. Someone will sell something for $5, competitor will sel for $4.99, in lost ark something for 10 gold, they will sell for 9 gold. That’s the way it is lol

i want to mention some youtubers with the gold making guides too and their clickbaits and the way they destroy the economy (not all of them but some). they bait a big number people to mimic them and invest in something. which leads to the larket being flooded with it and it becomes worthless.

It’s like everyone and their mothers making cars and trying to sell them. everyone ends up losing and at the end… they have to sell for less than what they spent just to mitigate the losses. the only winner is the baiter who have tons of gold reserves…
the only one who benefits from this situation is the same person wbo have tons of gold, he then can buy the market. nd once people realise that actually they r not making anything out of it. He then can start selling for a higher price.
tell me if I’m wrong with that

Good, make it cheaper

It hs actually very ez to earn gold for a F2P player the game his fairly well balanced in that matter.