Bots, more bots

Bots are a plague, now infesting most servers, in all channels. Teleportations, speedhack, you name it… They follow each other by lines, decimating everything in their path. It has become very difficult to farm the items in the adventure book items, at least it is an uphill battle, against the bots. And it certainly breaks the economy of the game to a large extent. I hope that measures will be taken against this invasion soon.
I can’t block gold sellers anymore, since the maximum number of players blocked is 100. I’m living a dream, or rather a nightmare. Fix it please.

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Good day Kats,

the problem is already a mjaor prio on AGS and smile. After you reported someone you can remove him from your blocklist aprox 1 hour later cause he will be gone by then. Thanks for helping with Reporting like i do :slight_smile: its always nice to see people helping.

For your information heres the statement on the actual bot problem:

Soon we can breath again without these bots running arround :smiley:
Dont let your fun get ruined through this! have fun and a great day :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind reply, I hope it gets sorted out soon enough. Have a great day :slight_smile:

I repport them, but they are so many that it’s a full-time job, it’s not possible… and while I report them, they kill my mobs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah just had to find something on the forums to make me feel like the probably 250 reports i send out per day means anything at all. I really hope they actually do something, and do something quick. The bots have made it to the open sea and to end game cities, and now there is almost nowhere to go without seeing bot spam in area chat. This has got to end.

I’ve even seen bots queuing up to do quests, how is that possible?

I literally saw hundreds of different bot accounts on single channel in 10 mins. It’s insane.

Stayed near quest objective at first map (Loghill) which only requires to interact only once for 10 minutes and reported over 20 bots. I couldn’t even report %80 of them because they teleport and get out of range. This is insane and needs to be adressed as fast as possible. This causes gold inflation. Gold buyers buys everything from auction house and also buys insane amounts of Blue Crystals. Everything from market is overpriced, Blue Crystal prices raises sharply. It harms the economy of the game.

They rush quest spots. Have mounted speed or slightly faster speed while not mounted. They can teleport and pass through objects. It’s really hard to report because they keep teleporting often and it makes it harder to click on them. Even if you click on them when they teleport, the menu disappears so we can’t choose report button. Also there is not any end to them