Bots out of Control

Can we please do something about these bots so real life customers can play your game. Right now we are sitting behind a 13k queue of bots!!!


The problem is they removed most of the bots by implementing a requirement to be level 30 before you could chat publicly in the game. With the free powerpass, the botters are able to sidestep this requirement and are now back in full force selling their wares. It is annoying though, I’ve been waiting half an hour already and the queue has barely moved.

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im on 12k que. Cheers mate :joy: :joy: :joy:



Its terrible. Literally unable to play the game because bots bogging down server. 8K queue today two times. Its literally like 1-2 hrs to get in.

when “real” player can play??? 2 or 3 hour???

And the best part is they say its because they limited the number of players on our servers. My brother waited for the queue and had 100+ berserkers run past him. guess its just players in the queue the bots get right in.

I find it more annoying that 1/2 the players in vern castle are bots, running between chaos dungeon and weapon repair.

Well not entirely true, bots just don’t log off thats the issue lol.

It is moving at the higher lineup que numbers.

Initial entry to que was at 7:03pm PST

Currently now at 7:21pm PST

My que numbers have been moving at a rate on avg of about 251 players per 2 minutes. so if its consistent nearing the lower numbers of the que. Its roughly 45-60mins from 11363 we’ll see. Doubt that will be the case though

its been morethan 2 hours and im still in 3k que from 12k+ earlier. Cheers Everyone. might call it a night :))

the real question is who is still paying those bots there… they don’t work for free or fun

Looks like I ain’t playing today. Man this is some real bs.