Bots overall in low lvl area

Hi Support, the low lvl areas are flodded with bots.
They all walk the same path and teleport on the same spot.
I think new player will stop playing when they see this.

i realy enjoyed the lvl progress with my first char. now i hate it becouse 95 % of all player you see are bots. i think it can not be so hard to get them by analysing logs or debugging , they walk like fingerprints all same…

And i never seen a bot on the mount :slight_smile:

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I feel exactly the same pal - tried to sum up my thoughts here No other players to play with.

You aren’t alone, I think a lot of people feel like this.

I can’t get to a tree in Bilbrin right now. It’s swarming with bots working in teams to strip the trees. They’re all fast classes and you simply can’t beat them to the node.

Looking at the number of them - I count at least six, but that is only in the small area i’m in, and the speed they work pairing up on the tree, they must be making so much gold and really messing up the prices , and that’s only one bot swarm in one area.

I can’t believe this activity can’t be automatically detected with a little noddy monitoring prog on the servers and these bots at least temporarily excluded pending further investigation: All random names, all fast classes and minimal gear all working in large groups in one zone on the same node types.

And can someone tell me where the report bots function is in the Options?

Not just they’re fast classes, they have speedhacks.

And can someone tell me where the report bots function is in the Options?

AFAIK you have to ctrl + right click → report player