Bots owning the Market?

I tried to buy some T2 Gear. I placed bids on serveral items.
At any time at any Item at the very moment I placed my bit it was taken out by a bid of 1 gold more than mine. Multiple times on 1 item as well as placing bids on different items.
The speed of the reaction was so fast, that the value of my bit wasn´t even shown.
In total it has been about 10 bids for Items of 3 different slots.
My conclusion: only a bot can be that fast to be able to keep an eye over all items of the market.

I am used to bots picking up ressources when I try to harvest them.
But that for me is a new level of annoyance, I am frustrated.
When playing a game I am looking for fun, not frustration.

The game has been fun for me as far as I felt I could play it in the way it was meant by the authors.

Not sure if that’s a bot, but if you consider the gold flowing through the economy is largely created by bots, yes the cheaters control the economy

Very odd behavior, especially given its t2 gear.

admittely i did something kinda moronic, which is selling overpriced t2 gear for those wanting to skip some gearing. (70-100g buy now price).

But only when the shop is empty for that class, and thats very rare. I can’t picture what a bot is trying to achieve unless they want to do something of sorts, but every single day many people drop an infinity of t2 gear when farming chaos dungeon, seems an impossible market to monopolize.

But like, why are you bidding for t2 gear?

A better question is why are you penny-pinching with T2 gear? Just buy the cheapest you can find because it’s getting replaced within a week if you play this game at least two hours a day.

the one who destroy market for t3 math was bot LOL @Roxx