Bots problem. Add two-step verification. Ban the accounts

When are we going to see real fight against players that are using bots?

Why don`t you add Two-Step verification on logging in? At least that will slow them down.
For sure you have transactions records. Accounts that use bots, often transfer gold or make non-real buy of items on AH. Do i need to say more? You can ban their accounts. Let them play from 0 or ban them forever.

Also, you can add NPCs that stand in the way of bots. Can you? You can add check timer? Let players that are more then 4 hours active press some ok button (different pattern every time/auto generate).

I mean, there are millons of ways to fight bots problem. Please take some actions.

And pls don’t say that is not important and it’s not affecting players or the game it self.

Hi @BanditN thank you for your feedback, I am moving your post to the English-speaking forums for more visibility! :slight_smile: