Bots, que times and boredom killed this game for me

i was hooked on lost ark since launch played it, as much as time allowed. Loved it so much that i drop some bucks in support of this game. But lately, boredom really settled in. Having a grind with no purpose i suppose really snuffed it for me. Really fun content, argos etc, is only a weekly event, so once im done with that i got super bored. Seeing bots speed run around while leveling killed the mood although didnt affect me. however, the log in ques of 8k at 7 in the morning is what is making me alt f4 before even stepping foot into the game. I let my Crys. aura expire, i havent logged into the game for weeks now. i have tried but when i see the log in que of 7-8k that i know for a fact is bots, i just alt f4.

you guys had me hooked for sure, great game but your lack of involvement or efficiency in combating bots just turned me off to not wanting to play the game. Not whinning or anything, just respected the game enough to give my feedback a little.