Bots revenge, it won't last

I opened this thread to talk about bots, and the future of the game. In the last update, we had the change of the infinite chaos dungeon items (biggest source of income for bots) since it doesn’t make the slightest difference whether bots sell collectibles (after all, this has an expiration date). With that, I could observe a growing number of bots: they grew in number, but nothing changed in the economy. You can see that it is an “act of revenge”, since they are essentially useless.

What do you think? In my opinion, this does not hold, and in the future, despite the fact that bots will never cease to exist, they will just be idiots for existing.

they are getting mats simply by running chaos dungeon on reset everyday regardless.

But they can’t transfer or sell, after all, it’s 1 player just waiting for a ban. It does not support the RMT.

Another dumb ass reply from DUhbOy

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By removing the ability for them to farm infinite chaos, I would imagine that they have just spun up even more bots which would explain why we are seeing even more bots. They need more bots to compensate for their loss of income.

Since SG obviously doesn’t care about the bots making up their player counts, and in fact advertises it, I doubt they provide any direct way for AGS to fight the bots outside of network stuff that they can impose outside of the game.

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someones resorting to stalking aha

how are they not selling or trading it?

Stalking? You on every thread that’s been posted all day, I went and did a 9 hr shift came home and you still in here typing nonsense.

The points is: Creating more bots for what? They don’t make any more money from it, the most they can do is push a character to high levels and sell the account. Tracking account sales and bot usage is more effective if it’s a smaller amount (consequently it’s easier to ban)

aha I live in your head rent free. keep going.


WRONG and right.

only drops from infinite chaos NOT aura.

So they can still get mats from their daily reset everyday.

when will you guys begin to understand that bots dont farm chaos dungeon for gold hahhahahahahahahahaha. The chaos dungeon change was literally done to squeeze legit f2p players and introduce more frustration to get them to swipe.


which is not even the beginning of what they earned before.

They can still gather and farm items for all of the adventure tome stuff. They can still get all the one-time rewards from story quests, and any other repeatable things. True enough that it is a much smaller return, but there are still ways for them to earn sellable items.

guys Lost Ark is back to 1 000 000 ( players ) soon let’s goooooo , it was 700K yesterday and today 800K , game is popping offff

I started playing with over 20 people I know in real life, not one of us is playing and I don’t know anyone who plays this game still.


ye, but I see it as something not lasting, we’ve already seen it with the collectibles and in the end it was 1 gold and took the bots’ income (there they went to the chaos dungeon)

hahahahhhaha can you imagine the queue times driving of players to bring in more “PLAYERS” and then you will have a server filled with “PLAYERS” and it will still be a dead server !!!

I can’t wait to see the numbers when Arcana releases. I wonder how many ‘new’ or ‘returning’ players there will be to ‘try out’ Arcana, only to get bored and end up as a berserker.