Bots, RMTers, Censorship, Content, Management and T.O.S

1.- BOTS: Please stop screwing ppl and improve your scrypts to ban bots. If you ban real ppl, improve your assistance to that inocent ppl who get banned for your failures. Its very delusional how are you managing this.

2.- RMTers: Please Stop laughing at legit players doing the 3 days ban. #PermabanRMTs in the first break of the T.O.S. If not, RMTrs just recover their account, send their gold and goodies by mail / market to another clean account and repeat.

3.- Censorship: Was Amazon bought by Disney? If is this a +18 game why are we treated like kids? Thats unnaceptable and demeaning.

4.- Content: Do you realize you say people play at your own pace but patches bring content just for the max ilvl players? Meanwhile in KR has tons of events, content, islands, minigames, etc bringing players tons of mats to raise to the max ilvl their characters.

You cant build a house starting from the roof.

5.- Management: Your management of comunication, statements, roadmaps and hype are ridiculous. Important comunications you have to find in posts of ppl of the forum, meanwhile the news sections stays empty during weeks, or just put the posts in the last day in the last moment.

When you are worst than Activision Blizzard, its a very huge problem.

6.- T.O.S. :
A) CMs please to spread wrong information around the T.O.S. or separate the info for regions. In the T.O.S. there isnt any part were says you cant have two or more accounts, so you can have it and any lawyer gives you the reason.

B) Please stop saying you cant buy or sell accounts because in EUROPE in fact you can. The Laws protect customers and let do it, doesnt matter what put in T.O.S. or EULAs. European Laws are over illegal T.O.S. like yours since 2012 so please, stop spreading false information or study the laws (as you do with the Jar Lootboxes and EU laws).

If you improve these points, maybe you could save the game.

annex: I love to play challenge and very hard games, and this game its pretty fun in that aspect (I played it in other region before and my Main is a Gunslinger because I like to Hard to Master games, for example, Starcraft) but Imho you are killing it with your management of the points stated above, till the point I prefer to play again some old and hard games like Ghost N Goblins, Dwarf Fortress, Super meat boy, etc. than Lost Ark.

“You (your management) forced me” to Nostalgic Summer.


I have stop reading here my friend. You don’t permaban on 1st offense, ever. People can do mistakes, you send warnings then your perma ban. Its like this in every game and should be like this in every game.

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Keep reading and you understand why. There are infractions and infractions, and some have to be punished harder than others, doesnt matter if is the “first one”.

no buying RMT is not a mistake and should be permabanned.


I mean it’s just business intelligence dude. You’re perma-banning someone that you know for a fact is spending money into buying gold.

You don’t perma-ban this dude on 1st offense, wtf are you on ? You warn the dude, explicitly saying that he will get banned if he don’t stop. Then the guy stop RMT and buy in cash shop. If he keep RMT illegal you just ban.

You’re point of view is fully subjective, borderline hatefull tbh. Just try to think objectively and you’ll understand why they don’t perma-ban on 1st offense.

Exactly what a RMT’er would say trying to hide his so called ‘mistake’.

yeah sure I guess every lawyer is a criminal, surely right ?

I’m not buying gold bro, at all.

Problem is by the time they get their first “warning” they have already RMT’d 10+ times for a total of like 100M gold. I don’t know exchange rates in-game currently but assuming you can get like 20K-40K gold for $100 LEGALLY buying from the game compared to 1K gold for $0.8 so 20K-40K would equal to $16-$32. Do the math how much money it loses them if the guy bought like 100mil from RMT and won’t buy ANY gold after the first “warning” cause he literally doesn’t need more.

Maybe 100M is overkill but 10M for sure.

Doesn’t matter. Your account can just get banned for any reason or no reason at all. Want to contest that? Well you gotta go to court, and good luck with that unless you got loads of money to burn.

He can start new account and whale himself back to where it was using the cash shop. Sounds fair to me

It’s common practice in mmos to permaban on the first offence when money is involved.
You’d definitely get laughed off whatever platform you’re on trying to propose otherwise ~

Hey, were you on EU grandmasters? Maybe we know each other! :raising_hand_man:t2: (I was active until 2015, top 70 EU)

and what happens when legit players get caught up in their rmt banwaves? AGS arent exaclty know for having no collateral damage since launch in their ban waves.

“Your account can just get banned for any reason or no reason at all”
can’t be more agree with this comment :joy:

hve you heard someone get this replied:
“we cannot give you more and future information regarding your banned account” :rofl:

I don’t really care what you and “whatever platfrom” think. I’m telling you, objectively, the reason why they are not (and will not) permaban RMTer on first offense : It’s business intelligence, you don’t ban paying players, you warn theim in hope that they stop RMT and buy from your cash shop.

This being said, I really can’t care less about RMTers and they can get perma on first offense or never get ban, not really my problem tbh.

If they didn’t purchase gold through Amazon then they are not paying players.

No, i get that they’re choosing short term greed and compounding player toxicity over a healthy long living game ~
Still sad to see it happen ~

You’re on quite a high horse, Mr. I don’t make mistakes.

A few days ago I bought a bus for one of my alts. Usual transaction through the auction house, you buy a gem at a certain starting price and buyout price.

I hadn’t been paying attention and bought a similar gem, which had two 1’s attached to the purchase price (the rest was 1:1 identical). I blacked out and realized the mistake only after I clicked buy. Besides the gold loss, I am now afraid of being marked as a gold seller, since this gem was either a setup of the bus drivers or served RMT purposes.

I bought back the lost gold in the ingame store (one must bear the consequences for one’s own stupidity). Of course I have screenshots and my receipts to prove it all. But that is not the point.

The point is that anyone can be dragged into this unfortunate RMT mess with one stupid mistake. And I hope for your sake that something like this never happens to you and you don’t suddenly find yourself on the other side…

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally buy something with two extra digits on the price tag.
Easiest mistake to make ~
People on their high horses pretending like players have time to tell the difference between 10k and 1kk then u just buy 990k gold through amazon to make up for the mistake.
smh cant relate

Imagine needing to take a bus to do content, can’t relate.