Bots, RMTers, Censorship, Content, Management and T.O.S

He’s an idiot who thinks he is smart. Its a fatal flaw. He doesn’t even realise that he has no rights at all when it comes to the account he is playing on. Notice how I say the account, not his account. He/ we as players have so SLAs with Amazon or SMG. The content is theirs, the intellectual property including characters, items, inventories, character names is all theirs. You have zero right to it. So when they tell you that account selling or multi accounting is banned, they can enforce it whenever they want to. Its similar to private entities having their own policies and reserve the right to enforce them. Let the dude go to court or Ombudsman and get laughed out of the front door. Maybe then he’ll learn.

did we find an rmt er guys

RMT is not a mistake. It’s a deliberate action.

another guy that think lawyers are criminal I guess

flagged for defamation btw

put yourself on the flag too

Mate, they will never understand. They can only think from a player’s perspective. I think they genuinely think like on SMG’s board, people go “Hey we should perma ban 2000 paying guys so non-paying guys can catchup”.

For real man… they will ban you on the 2nd or 3rd offence, but they can’t afford to lose a paying customer outright. Those are the same people who will ask for Yoz’s Jar skins to come out at like $40 when the company stood to make $450 roughly pp. like ok. Explain that to your stakeholders lmao. More like 150-200$ would work. But you get labelled whale, rmter or whatever because you think from the company’s pov

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Not entirely true. There have been cases where Valve / Steam have gotten sued for similar things in Europe. That, however, was regarding ownership / resell of the games you own (or “lease” according to Steam ToS) and doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere despite rulings against Steam.

I’m sure somebody could bring getting banned for multiple accounts to an European court, but the chances of that going anywhere are more than slim, considering that far more legitimate claims against Steam are essentially stuck in limbo.

Valve’s case in Europe has been overturned already. So has the case against EA games in the netherlands. The lootbox one remember? Reversed by the supreme court.

While I agree with you that legally speaking, the whole T.O.S is very “gray”, but like you said even if one was to get a class action set up with 3000 people lets say you’d still be going against a legal team of 100 lawyers and an unlimited budget with people so high up, you could faint.

Unfortunately I think the only real end to all of this will have to go through the internationnal legal painful process for SG.

In their position, they kinda have a big advantage on the court, because selling LA golds illegally is basically unfair competition. The damages can be mathed and it can end very very bad for the sellers that got caught, especially since Blizzard vs Bossland “case law” could be involved and that would be genius from the lawyers if they end up winning.

The issue is to actually find someone to blame. But as soon as they’ll find one, go through the painfull legal process and win, I can bet you that all other sellers will vanish asap.